Sunday, January 1, 2012

Another year over…

Happy-New-Year-2012...and a new one just begun.

I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year! We started off by trying a new place to eat here in South Bend (Brothers Bar & Grill at Eddy Street Commons by Notre Dame...decent food, reasonable prices, and a fun sports bar atmosphere), where we watched Illinois win their bowl game. Then it was off to watch Notre Dame beat Boston University 5-2 in hockey. Yay! After that, we headed over to my sister’s house, where her and her husband were having a small family party. A few of them had already broken into the champagne, and it was kind of funny! There was some dancing going on in the kitchen, and some Rock Band going on in the basement.

At midnight, we all did the countdown, hugged and kissed and wished each other a wonderful 2012, then Diana (my sister) herded us all outside where she set off a firework that had the neighbors cheering. A couple of minutes of multiple starbursts that covered the sky over their back yard. I don’t know where she got it, and probably don’t want to know, but my pyromaniac sister really outdid herself with that one! Wow!

It was a low-key celebration, but lots of fun. Well, low-key other than the pyrotechnics going on in the back yard!

We didn’t need to go anywhere today, so we just slept late and were semi-lazy. We’ve got a winter storm on the way, so it’s good to know that we can just hunker down for a couple of days and not worry about going anywhere or getting anything.

A new year usually prompts people to think about resolutions, or what they’re planning for the year, or what they wish for themselves or for humanity. I don’t really do resolutions, at least not merely because it’s a new year. If I need to, I’ll do them throughout the year, and I’ve pretty much been doing that. We’re working on some plans for the coming year, and have a reasonable hope that they will work out. As for myself and my loved ones and my friends, I wish us all good health (Isn’t it odd how you start to think about that more and more as you get older, and start to understand the frailty of human life?) and happiness. For the world, I hope we can continue to work towards peace, safety, and health for all. I hope for an end to fear-mongering and hatred, no matter what it is based upon. (I reserve the right to despise someone for the hateful philosophies they espouse, or for the mean-spirited actions they exhibit. Condemnation is not the same as hatred.) I hope for a renewed purpose in our own country that is based upon building up the country and its citizens rather than destroying an opponent. I won’t ‘resolve’ these things, because most of it is beyond my control; I won’t pray for these things because it is within OUR control.

I raise my Mimosa to you all, and wish you peace and success in your endeavors in the coming year.