Monday, May 6, 2013

Out of the woodwork

I mentioned recently that I had started being more active on Twitter. I’ve been having fun with it, and I’m glad I decided to use it more. I haven’t gotten as political on there as I have been on Facebook, mostly because I’m not currently obsessing about politics as much as I have in the past. That will change eventually, but I’m enjoying the break from it at the moment. I’m enjoying the weather and I’m listening to a lot of music.

But the other day, some journalists were live-tweeting the NRA convention, and mentioned that Sarah Palin was taking the stage for her speech. I rarely write anything about ol’ Sarah anymore, because she really doesn’t have anything of value to say, and her influence on the country is pretty minute. I briefly—for all of a couple of seconds—thought about turning the TV on and watching her speech, but decided the peace and quiet was a better alternative. I did decide to mention that I’d seen that she was giving a speech and the amount of fucks I give is zero. I tagged it with “loser” and “irrelevant.” (I didn’t want to post a picture of Palin, so here’s a cat working at NASA instead.)

Well, somehow the Palinbots found that and started going after me. There were several replies like well, she’s apparently relevant enough for you to tweet about her, and did I always tweet about irrelevant people? And I must give at least one fuck if I took the time to tweet about her. That was a fair enough criticism, so I kind of laughed about that and said, okay, I guess I give a little bit of a fuck. Like maybe 0.15% of a fuck.

Palinbot tweet2One mentioned my “five” followers and said that there are more of “us” (meaning Palin supporters) and my followers are no match for “them.” That was weird and incorrect, because I have 130 followers. That’s not a lot, but it’s considerably more than five. I engaged briefly with some of them. One wanted to talk about something of substance and told me to pick. I was pretty pissed off by this time, and said I don’t know you people, I’m not getting in a discussion with you, and YOU came to MY page and started going after me for voicing my own opinion. I said, “First Amendment. Read it.” They didn’t stop. One said they weren’t infringing upon my First Amendment rights, they were exercising theirs. One said, “Second Amendment. Read it.” (I’m still not sure if that was a threat or just a dumb comment. I had said nothing about guns.) I had finally had it and told them to just fuck off. I stopped all interaction then, but they kept after me. One called me a “low information voter.” One told me that if I can’t handle the heat, “don’t talk shit about Palin.” One of my favorites was that I was missing a 6 in my Twitter name. As in instead of @Luvrte66, I should be @Luvrte666. Get it? SATAN! Someone reposted a picture of me to Palin’s page and told Palin to “check out ugly.” (At least whoever is running Palin’s page had enough smarts to remove that post.) One person was slightly kinder and said that I had a pretty face, but ugly words. One person said that I was the irrelevant one, and then called me “bitch.” A couple of my Facebook friends came over to go after these people a little bit, and one of the Palinbots told one of my friends that he didn’t need to defend me...that I wasn’t going to suck my friend’s dick because I don’t like fags.

But this is my absolute favorite.

Palinbot tweet
That’s right. I’m a dope-smoking whore libtard who never worked a day in her life, and Sarah Palin is a hardworking...what? What is she doing these days? She lost the only national election she ever ran in, she quit halfway through her term as Governor, her reality show got canceled, and she lost her gig at Fox. But SOMEONE has to have a job. Hahaha...whut?

They kept this up for TWO DAYS.

I learned a couple of things from this.

First, Palin’s supporters are every bit as thin-skinned as she is. She is notorious for not being able to handle her critics, and for going after people for minor jokes that most people in the public eye learn to shrug off. I did not even tag Palin herself in this. This was posted only on my own page, and I didn’t even criticize her in my tweet. I just said that I didn’t give a fuck about her speech. Again, my opinion, and my page. These rabid Palin people somehow found my tweet and came after me like a swarm of cockroaches in an infested kitchen when you turn out the lights. It was a tiny bit scary, it was funny as hell, and it infuriated me. They also showed that they have about as much class as the Half-Gov does. I guess trash attracts trash, doesn’t it? Now see, THAT is an insult and attack upon Palin: I called her and her supporters—at least the ones who came after me—trashy. My initial tweet was not an insult and not an attack. It was my opinion. For all their supposed love of the Constitution, they seemed awfully eager to silence someone offering up an opinion and posting about their own feelings. To paraphrase the Eurythmics, if I had a dollar bill for every time I saw President Obama attacked online, there’d be a mountain of money piled up to my chin. Get a life, people, and grasp the concept that there are opinions other than yours out there, and people have every right to voice them without being subjected to a bunch of window lickers like y’all.

Second, I’ll be damned if I’m going to let a bunch of inbred ignoramuses intimidate me into shutting up. I’ll say whatever I please on my page, I will voice the hell out of my opinion, and if you come after me again like that, I will once again tell you to FUCK OFF. These people are as big a joke as the half-wit they so blindly adore. You messed with the wrong gal when you messed with me. I cannot abide bullies, never could, and that is exactly how these hilljacks were behaving. You try to bully me, or people that I love, and the Inner Lizard will be unleashed. Count on it, crackuhs.