Friday, October 26, 2012

It seemed like a good idea at the time

Once upon a time2Six years ago, I decided to jump on the blog bandwagon. I had always been interested in what I could do online, and back in the day, I even had a “web page” on AOL. But a few years ago, publishing a personal blog became very easy, and I thought I’d join in.

A lot has happened in six years, both good and bad. I’ve gained many friends, but I’ve lost some people who were very dear to me. But life goes on...because that’s what life does, as long as you’re living, and that’s about as profound a statement as you’ll get from me tonight!

I am very fortunate to have met quite a few of you in person over the years, and I can truthfully say that I have never had a bad experience. Quite the opposite...meeting some of you for the first time has been like meeting a long-time friend. I feel honored to have the readers I do, and that so many of you have stuck with me this long.

It seemed like a good idea at the time to start a blog, and I’m still glad I did it. I don’t update as often these days, and I don’t comment on other blogs as often, but I still enjoy writing here and reading elsewhere.

Thanks for continuing to read about our adventures and occasional tribulations. You’ve all been supportive in both, and I appreciate it more than you could ever know. I love you guys. I really do.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Romney angryIn my previous entry, I wrote about why I support President Obama. In this entry, I’m going to write about why I do not support Mitt Romney.

I could go into detail about the many of his policies with which I disagree, or about how I disagree on a very basic level with his vision of our country, especially concerning those who are less fortunate; I could also talk about his embrace of trickle-down economics, even though that cute little experiment has failed miserably for going on four decades now. Honestly, what does it take to get people to understand that lower tax rates don’t create jobs and drive the economy? It’s all about demand for goods and services. So there are deep philosophical differences I have with Governor Romney.

But as I was thinking about all of this, I realized that I could distill my dislike for Romney into one simple phrase: he lacks a core.

He may have that when it comes to his faith, and he probably has it when it comes to his family. When it comes to policies, however, he has no core. We’ve seen his frequent changes over the years in almost everything he’s dealt with. NBC published a fairly lengthy article on Romney’s changes on foreign policy over the years. And that is just foreign policy! It doesn’t include his many changing stances on marriage equality, abortion, and as far as I can tell, virtually every other issue he has encountered in his entire political life. As the saying goes, you’ve got to stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything.

This goes beyond simple evolution of stances on issues; I think we all grow and learn and change as we get more experience. For example, I’ve written before about my change from supporting civil unions only to full-on support for marriage equality. However, you won’t see me changing my stance on that again...ever. That was the culmination of years of thought, the exchange of ideas, and simply knowing and loving several gay people over the course of years. No...Romney’s changes happen frequently, and oddly enough, seem to coincide with his political campaigns. As candidate for Governor and Senator of the decidedly liberal Massachusetts, he took a moderate, even left-of-center stance; in the presidential primaries, he moved far to the right according to the dictates of the far-right factions of today’s Republican party; as the Republican nominee, he is distancing himself from those remarks—some made just weeks ago!—in order to court the moderates and independents. His head is spinning faster than Linda Blair’s in “The Exorcist.”

I can appreciate the changes that people experience in their lives and that cause their stances on issues to evolve. What I can’t appreciate, and actually abhor, is anyone who engages in crass attempts to change the core of their convictions based on popular opinion, or based on what particular bloc of voters they happen to be courting that day. I find this sort of blatant ass-kissing deplorable. It speaks very strongly to me of the character of a person, and makes me question their ability to make proper decisions. I’ve always hated a bullshit artist, and I can spot them a mile away. Mitt Romney reminds me of drunken frat boys trying to get into my pants in college, saying whatever they thought would appeal to me in order to get there.

America, Mitt Romney wants to get into your pants. Show some respect for yourself and walk away. You really don’t want to take that Walk of Shame on November 7th.