Sunday, January 21, 2018

Pussy Grabs Back

All my life I've never seen
A woman so damn mean

~~ "All Day And Night" by Shake Before Us

Even dummies are woke
Well, it's been quite a year. 

I'm not going to get into the government shutdown because there is just too much to write about that. We'll see what happens tonight and early Monday morning. 

I want to write about the Women's March of this weekend. I was truly bummed that we didn't have a local one this year. Matt and I would absolutely have gone! (Ken was out of town and Shane was working.) I still remember the energy, positivity, and hope that I felt when we marched a year ago today. I saw all my posts from last year show up in my memories on Facebook and it was a great reminder of how this movement started. It was very much a backlash to an admitted sexual predator being inaugurated as our 45th president. We all felt disgusted and dismayed, but one day after the inauguration, we marched and raised our voices and said, "We are a force to be reckoned with." 

How wonderful and empowering to see that we have not lost that energy. In fact, it has only picked up. More women than ever are running for political office all over the country, from local township offices to Governor to Congresswoman to Senator to (probably) President. Shit's about to get real. 

A friend and local operative with the Democrats reached out to me and asked me if I'd be interested in running for a local office. He said he thought I'd be a great campaigner and candidate, and I found that incredibly flattering. Just the fact that he thought I have a good grasp of the issues, you know? I thanked him but said that I am way too much of an introvert to be able to do that. I can engage with people for a limited time and then I am done. Push me beyond that limit and I'm the one rolling my eyes and saying, "That's a really dumb question." Ha! He understood and said that that is why HE doesn't run and instead works behind the scenes to recruit people. I do wish that I could be more engaging with others, but I know my limits.

The happy ending here is that I have two friends who are running for local office, Cassie and Jennica. They both have been heavily involved with the healthcare debate as they are both mothers of preemies (triplets in Jennica's case) and have faced numerous hurdles as they try to navigate and find the best care for their kids. I couldn't be prouder of them and for them and I look forward to helping them as we move into this next election. 

Make no mistake about it. Women are pissed off and we are ready to fight and make our voices heard. 

2018 is the year that pussy grabs back. Buckle up!