Friday, December 2, 2016

The Man in the High Tower

I am a lover of blank journals and have different ones going at various times. I have one for current books I’m reading, in case I want to jot down a note about something I read, one for the Modern Library list of novels I’m reading (I’m a little behind on that!), and one that I call my Idea Book.

The Idea Book consists of things that I think might make a good story or book. I don’t know if that will ever happen, especially a book, but it’s important to me to write down those ideas when they occur to me. I usually write in the Idea Book when I get up in the morning because I have very vivid dreams and that is mostly what generates the content of the Idea Book.

I had a rare late night idea tonight and went to write that down when I discovered something I wrote on October 13th. I don’t think this came from a dream...I believe I was speculating on a worst case scenario. I think I was planning on writing a blog entry about this but never got around to it because I was so focused on reading political blogs. I was rather stunned to read this because it seems that my worst case scenario pretty much came true. Here is what I wrote, with a little editing to expand upon my abbreviations.

I titled it “The Man in the High Tower,” a riff on Philip K. Dick’s novel “The Man in the High Castle” (as well as an excellent Amazon series).


How does The Yam get elected?

  1. Complacency
  2. Early freak blizzard in New York or New Jersey
  3. Late freak hurricane in Florida  

Attorney General Christie jails Hillary—ACLU gets her out. Christie indicted, replaced by Giuliani.

First two years—slim Democratic majority in Senate so no SCOTUS appointments.

No major harm in the first two years.

2018 midterms—all Republican Congress. SCOTUS appointments, Roe v Wade and marriage equality overturned. ACA repealed, millions with no care. All same-sex marriages nulled—CHAOS!

Taxes cut on wealthy. No money for infrastructure, etc. Money for military WAY up.

Persecution against gays, women, minorities.

Underground forms. Contact via Net but elaborate code.

No solution—YET. Hopeful.

Oh, and theocracy—mandatory church attendance? New cabinet post for Falwell, Jr.?


I was obviously wrong about some of these things. Christie is persona non grata in the Yamistration. The Democrats did not get a slim majority in the Senate. But it seems that much of my nightmare scenario isn’t all that far off the mark. Jerry Falwell, Jr. was really being considered for a cabinet post.

I’m half-tempted to delete the part about speculating on an Underground because it might actually be necessary! I’m laughing now, but I’m not sure I will be in the coming months.

Like many of you, I am feeling powerless right now, and I can’t begin to tell you how much it pisses me off to feel powerless. I am still trying to wrap my brain around this and figure out how to proceed. One thing I know is that if I see or hear any sort of discrimination or bullying of anyone, I will speak out. Zero tolerance. I also will push the decent people who voted for him to denounce those supporters who are racist, homophobic, misogynistic, and bigoted. Seriously, you have to step up here, people. If you disagree with the bigotry, then fucking say so! Denounce it with your loudest voice! I sure as hell will.

I am also calling on the media to stop pandering and call it like it is. Do your damn job! One of the foundations of our democracy is a free press, and you’d best start exercising that right before it is taken away.

Sometimes nightmare scenarios come true and sometimes I write scary things in my Idea Book.

But we can’t give up. Note that word “hopeful” in what I wrote. We have to hang on to that and we have to help each other.


Monday, November 28, 2016


Scream with your hands up in the sky
Like you want to testify
For the life that's been deleted
Sing like a rebel's lullaby
Under the stars and stripes
For the lost souls that were cheated

~~ “Revolution Radio” by Green Day

I’m still not in a great place.

Oh, I’m doing all right. I’m living my life, having fun, all that stuff. I haven’t been gunned down in the street, had my uterus ripped out, or been told “Hush your mouth, little lady.”

A stranger hasn’t grabbed my pussy, so there’s that.

I am still not feeling real happy about things right now.

At the moment, there is not a whole lot I can do about it. We’ll see what happens in the coming days, but for now? I guess I have to see what plays out.

In the meantime, I’ve been focusing on meeting my reading challenge. I have met the goal of fifty books per year in my Facebook reading group, but my personal goal is 52, and I am two books away from that. I think I’m going to make it! I’m going the distance! I’ve read some great books this year, but I’ve read a few stinkers, too. Quirky does not always equate to good.

Reading is always a refuge for me. I’m not retreating from the world, but diving into a good book and losing myself for a while is always a good thing.

We’ve also been watching “Aquarius,” the show starring David Duchovny (I lurv him) and about the Manson family. It’s fascinating, disturbing, and a great diversion.

As always, music is the best retreat. I’m listening to a lot of different things, but Green Day is the band that is perfectly matching my mood right now and their new album “Revolution Radio” is getting lots of airplay at Nutwood.

We’ll see what happens going forward and we’ll see what response is needed.

For the moment, I can immerse myself in books, movies, TV, and music.

To be continued.