Thursday, March 12, 2009

An ounce of prevention

Mammogram I celebrated DB's birthday today by going for my yearly mammogram. [pointing to herself with her thumbs] This gal knows how to party!

I'm glad I got it done, though. I was a few months late, because someone who doesn't reside at Nutwood plowed through the health insurance last year, and I wasn't sure if it would be covered. In speaking with the lady who checked me in today, she was fairly sure that it would have been covered because it is preventive care, so I'll have to check with the company that administers the insurance, in case it happens again.

The bad part, of course, was getting the actual films taken. I've read some interesting descriptions of what it feels like to have a mammogram done. One was to stick your breast into the frame of the refrigerator and have someone slam the door as hard as they can. Another was to lay on the floor by your car, place your breast under the back wheel, and have someone back over it.

That's about right.

In an attempt to cut the pain off at the pass, I took three preemptive Advil before I left, and drank two beers. Not enough to impair me, but hopefully enough to take the edge off. I wish now I'd done a couple of double shots of tequila instead of a couple of beers. (Kidding, of course.) OUCH, I hurt. But it's important to have it done yearly, and I can endure a little pain in order to prevent the potential for a whole lot more. I was in and out of there in half an hour, and the actual painful part was only about 12 hours. Nah, it just seemed that way. Maybe two minutes of pain total? I can deal.

One the upside, the place I go to now uses all digital films. I asked. It's more accurate than traditional films, especially for someone like me. Not to go into too much detail, but the key word is dense, and I'm not saying I'm stupid. It's good to know that they use the more accurate and up-to-date technology. The other cool thing was that they had a display of art in the waiting room done by those with cancer or their families. There were acrylics, water colors, mixed media, photographs, etc., and all had a description of what the person was trying to convey, whether it was pain, hope, family, or achieving goals. I didn't have time to look at them all, but there were some remarkable works, and I enjoyed a chance to see them and read the stories behind them

So even though I ended up with my tits in a wringer, I managed to get a little culture along the way. [grin]

Here's my public service announcement. To all my female readers over the age of 40, or younger if you have a family history of breast cancer, please have a yearly screening. It could save your life, and we all want to keep you around for a while. Okay? Okay!

I had a nice surprise in the mail when I went out to get it. A package from Cousin Shane! Oh boy! I had no idea what it was, because he hadn't mentioned anything. When he was in New York, he went to the Brooklyn Museum of Art, and apparently they had a nice Egyptian exhibit. He got me some really cool notecards with pictures of Egyptian artifacts on them! How sweet of him, and he knows my tastes, doesn't he? Sort of odd, too (we have what we call our Cosmic Cousin Connection), because I watched an Egyptologist on Craig Ferguson's show last night, and she was so cool. I was already planning to post an old interview with her on Facebook. The C³ is still going strong!


  1. Going for margaritas after the mammogram also helps. :-D

  2. I had to delay in getting my mammogram done to as I'm trying to find out if my insurance covers it. I'm pretty sure it does as it is a preventative issue and most insurance companies rather pay to prevent. Last year I got it done for the first time, it wasn't as bad as I had expected.


  3. Strange that you mention this ... a segment on 'Today' was one where a doctor was opining about the overtesting for things. But I don't think she thought there was over testing for breast cancer...

  4. Glad you are doing the right thing, I would like you around for awhile :o)

  5. Hi Beth,
    Great advice for your female readers ... I hope everyone listens. I don't know why, but it reminds me of the time years ago when I worked at a PR agency. Our client was a major pharmaceutical company who was sponsoring a series of free Prostate Cancer Screenings at UCLA. One very angry woman showed up demanding her screening. She couldn't seem to understand why I kept refusing to let her in and, at one point, accused us of "discrimination" ...

  6. lol at the chica who wanted her prostrate checked.... maybe she was a chronic masticator too.

    we all gots to do our part to save the boobies!


  7. This must be Egyption theme month because the sweet little five year old girl who lives at our house was fascinated with the set BEHIND an illusionist show. There was this huge statue of Tutankeman (sp) and she opened by asking what was the name of the man Moses from the Bible called Father. I said Pharoah. She said, "That's it!" There's a pharoah and his writing. She did not realize that she'd recognized hyroglyphics. Oh boy! I have some new things to teach her. The illusions they were doing were wonderful. She didn't even notice. She saw the theme of the set.

    I've had my mammogram. I'm dense and lumpy. I said it's better than hollow and flat I suppose. Phylis Diller's famouse line about wearing a 42 long. It must've been after a mammogram.
    Sorry for the book. Nelishia

  8. ...and it seems that the bigger you are the harder they slam. UGH!!!!!
    Hugs, Joyce

  9. Beth:

    Good for you for going and great advice. Breast cancer runs high in my family and most of the women are gone now. I think men should get the finger check as well, this from a man who has not had to worry about it yet.

    When I was a child my Dad took us to see some Egyptian shows at museums, and I was so impressed. To this day I love the Idea of seeing the Great Pyrimids and all the works. When my father was in training in the Army in Egypt, he slept in one the pyrimids. I thought that was so cool and still do.

    On another note, did you watch ER tonight? If you didn't go to Hulu and check it out! (Good Show)

    Thanks for your entry and have a groovey night!

    Blessed Be,

  10. I know we have to have it done, but dayum. It's embarrassing, and it hurts! Wonder what a man would do if he had to have his penis smashed once a year? LOL

  11. The pain we women must endure! That graphic describes a mammogram just about right! LOL

    Hugs, Rose

  12. Great advice :) Did I ever mention that when I was in Jr. High, High School all I wanted to be was a Archeologist and specialize in Egyptology? wanted my PH.D in it. Unfortunately life got in the way and I was never able to do it.
    Thank you for sharing. Hugs, Teresa

  13. Beth it is over for another year. I still go for the daRN THINGS AND AT 79 WONDER IF IT IS NECESSAry. I think not but that is part of the preventative thing for Medicare, Lucy

  14. You may recall my posting about my last one. Since it was problematic, I had to have biopsies and schedule another in six months. Just what you want to do...twice a year. I'm supposed to go in May but am delaying it until June as I (hopefully) will have insurance by then. Glad you got yours over with. Man, it sure makes those babies sore, doesn't it.

  15. (Chuckles) Joyce had it right, they do slam's like they need to flatten them out as much as they can. It they could somehow remove half of my chest content, please do...Everything on my counter top will thank them. Seeing as the contents are used to be swept to the floor every time I turn around. It doesn't help that I'm short and the counter is at chest level either *winks*...(Hugs)Indigo

  16. Good for you on getting your yearly mammogram! You know, they have never really been painful to me, but I know they are for some people. And I have that turn-a-bit-lean-forward-more-roll-the-shoulder-forward routine down pat!

  17. Yet another reason for men to be nicer to women. The things you have to endure!

  18. Another reason why I'm considering only the lift, aumentation impairs early breast cancer detection. At least I've got a good 15 or so years before I have to be smooshed. Yikes. I feel for you.

  19. Just a note alot of people don't realize is that MEN can also get 'breast cancer'. Of course, they don't test for it the same way, but they do show up the same... a lump or thickening in the breast tissue.

    Check this out...


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