Monday, November 16, 2009

Just like that, Ponies!

Colts The talking heads (not the band) were talking the Colts-Patriots up as the “rivalry of the decade.” I’m sure there are a lot of teams and fans that would disagree with that (Bears and Packers, perhaps?), but the Colts and Patriots have definitely had their share of showdowns in the past few years.

Tonight’s game was epic, and has to be one of the best games I’ve ever seen. I was in despair, thinking that it was not looking good for my Colts. Their defense was giving up way too much, and Peyton seemed a little off.

Silly Beth. Silly, silly Beth. The Colts came galloping back (sorry about the crummy pun) in the fourth quarter to overcome a 17 point deficit, and won this fucker in the last few seconds! 35-34, baby! Oh my goodness, I thought I was going to have a thrombo. Brady and his “movie-star good looks?” Whatever. Give me Peyton’s laser rocket arm any day!

WOW. What a game. Thank you, Colts! 9-0, and let’s go all the way, guys! I want to see you win the Super Bowl again this year!


  1. glad to hear your team won! Next week is Michigan/'ll be HUGE for that part of the U.S. Lots of beer sold!

  2. That was a great game! Or at least a great 4th quarter. I was also disappointed by the lack of sportsmanship of Pat coach Bill B, and unless the cameras missed it, of Tom 'Hollywood' Brady. Peyton seemed to go looking for him, and Tom Terrific was walking off the field.

    And I think Peyton it scorching hot!

  3. Sorry I fell asleep and missed it. Go Colts!

  4. My Colts? Please, dear. MY Colts featured Johnny Unitas, Raymond Berry, Bubba Smith, etc.

    Excuse me while I shuffle off to bed.....

  5. Think Jack still has those 'Mayflower memories'!

    I liked the call by the Pats to essentially win the game. But the Colts played so hard the entire game, even as they fell behind, they would not be denied.

    Winning the Super Bowl has lifted a lot of pressure off of Peyton Manning. The Colts have has some great runs to start seasons and people wait to see what they do in the post season. Now that he has that ring, he can relax and enjoy the game. It has shown in how well he has played and now it is different for him to prove how good he is, when his legacy is secured by a Lombardi Trophy!!


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