Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Well, that was refreshing!

Tonight was the first Democratic debate and boy howdy, wasn’t that a breath of fresh air?

  1. Everyone talked about the issues.
  2. No one attacked each other to any extensive degree.
  3. Everyone agreed on the Democratic principles and vision, and no one really went off the reservation to any great extent.
  4. Everyone seemed knowledgeable and was able to use their words and put them together into sentences that actually made sense.
  5. There were only five people onstage, which meant that everyone got to say their piece, although I suspect Jim Webb would disagree with that.

What a contrast from the Republican debates. No one was attacking viciously, no one was stupidly attacking President Obama, no one was attacking immigrants or blahs or was all quite civilized.

I almost don’t know how to handle it. I mean, what just happened here? Did a group of candidates hold a debate and actually talk about the issues in a substantive way?

Huh. Weird.

P.S. I think Hillary won. Webb definitely lost, Chafee was marginal, O’Malley did pretty well, Sanders did very well, but Hillary was cool, calm, and collected, and came across as the most ‘presidential,’ which definitely counts for something in these debates. Biggest loser of the night? The Republicans. This is how you do a debate, kids. Please make a note of it.


  1. I like Bernie Sanders but I have a tough time getting the "crazy college professor" image out of my head. I think he has great ideas, but I'm not sure he has the leadership to see them through. The mental picture of him sitting with Prime Ministers, etc. with his crazy hair, heavy accent, and rumpled clothes.... def not "Presidential." Hillary definitely stood above the others in terms of polish. I just think it would help her campaign if she weren't so dang rich!

  2. Good assessment. Biden needs to decide VERY soon if he wants to jump in.


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