Friday, January 9, 2009

I'm Vegased out, Baby!

We're back, and still on Vegas time, so we're working on getting tired enough to go to bed! It's after 4 AM here, but in Vegas, it would still be early, with a few hours before Snoozeville! We'll get back into the swing of things soon enough.

Sheeba was very happy to see us (although his Uncle Shane always takes excellent care of him), and seemed happy with his Vegas bling! We all got tons of coupons, and one of them was for a free medallion at Caesar's Palace, so all four of us got one! It's fairly hefty, and on a gold chain, and after Sheeba modeled for a while, we hung ours on the ceiling fan, along with our New Orleans beads. They look pretty cool hanging up there...we cracked up over the medallions, and I think Ken and Steve need to wear them with their silk shirts with the big collars, opened halfway...isn't that how you're supposed to wear a big honkin' gold medallion?!

I have lots to write about, and plenty of pictures to edit, so I'll split it all up into a few entries. For this entry, the topic is "Love." Feel free to discuss amongst yourselves.

I mentioned in my entry from Vegas about how remarkable the show was. I don't know if I can put it into words, but I'll try. The Beatles and their music is obviously legendary, and although they had already split up before I got really into music, I had always had an interest in them and other 60's bands because of my big sister, Diana. She was a Beatlemaniac--still is, actually--and I remember she had all the 45's of their singles, as well as all their albums. When I was maybe 6 years old, she taught me how to do the Monkey to Beatles songs. Ha ha! So I've listened to British Invasion music since I was a little girl.

There is something special about Beatles music that you tend to forget if you don't hear it for a while. How many times have you heard the songs? Hearing them in this venue brought a whole new dimension to the music (and I believe the songs were remastered for this show). The complexity and variety of the music is amazing, whether it's something as lovely as "Here Comes the Sun" or a flat-out rocker like "Revolution." This Cirque show was all about the music. The performers were amazing, but they complemented the music rather than overshadowing it. The previous Cirque shows that we've seen have been heavy on amazing feats of gymnastics and strength. Those were present in this show as well, but I thought they did a great job in letting the music be the star of the show.

The sound system was incredible, and it was so cool to be in the front row, because we were basically at stage level. I'm including a few videos that I found on the Net (I didn't take any of these), with some of the really cool parts. "Octopus's Garden" has never been one of my favorite songs of theirs, but I loved the choreography and costumes in that one! Very creative and fun. The video with the white parachute cloth was neat to see from above, because at the show...we were under it! It billowed out over the lower level, and we all raised our arms to keep it afloat and hovering over the audience. It was fun! Videos follow at the end of the entry.

I think that's part of why I loved this show. It was just so damn much fun. The music, the groovy 60's garb, the close-to-overload visual stimuli, being able to sing along with some of the was wonderful, and I'm so glad we went and sprang for the extra $$$ for the front row! (Although it looked like a fairly small theater, and I bet there isn't a bad seat in the house.)

Ken and I got drinks to take into the show: he got A Hard Day's Night and I got a Can't Buy Me Love! Ha ha! Basically a punch-type drink made with vodka, but his had a shot of Cointreau in it, too. Very tasty to sip on during the show, and who knows? Maybe they made the pretty colors a little brighter!

Miss Ginger, we didn't stop in Revolution that evening, but we went back Wednesday night and had a drink there. I had told you that I'm not really a martini gal, but I figured what the hell? I'm a trooper, and I was willing to take a bullet for Miss G! Well, turns out that their special that night was a Blueberry Martini, and I was all over that! It was fairly sweet, and went down as easy as a Vegas Strip workin' girl! Ken had a Lemon Drop, and Kim had one that was just Sapphire gin and olives. We all tried each other's, and I have to say that I like martinis! Although I was calling them martoonis (that seemed appropriate, considering it was the Revolution Bar), which I think I must have gotten from some movie. I don't know, but it was fun to say!

Coming tomorrow later today: Meeting Marty! Stay tuned!


  1. This city is a little brighter now that you're both back! And just in time for the snow!!! ;)

  2. Hi Beth,
    I was so impressed with all the great things you discovered in Las Vegas. I'm here a lot for work but never heard of most of the stuff you saw. I guess every so often you have to stop and smell the roses (or at least drink a Martooni)!

  3. The show was awesome, just like the first Cirque we saw - it was jaw dropping amazement :o)

  4. I'm delighted to have you both back. I've been back myself for a day or so...Apparently I impressed the Geek Squad with what knowledge I had and the list of what I wanted formatted on my laptop. Seeing as I made their job so easy it would of been nice to have figured it out myself and saved the dollars.

    Vegas seems to have been more than generous to you with sights and adventures. I had watched an interview when they first put together the Love show, with Paul McCartney. It was touching to see his reaction to the outcome.

    I'll have to take your word on the drinks. I'm rather thankful I don't drink these days in light of yesterdays Anniversary. I commented to Marty how insanely jealous I was that three of my blogging buddies got to get together. Some day...Missed you guys! (Hugs)Indigo

  5. Did you notice how the REVOLUTION letter spell REVOLUTION when you are in the casino, and when you are inside, in the middle they spell LOVE? Love the martoonis! I knew I could count on you 2!

  6. I have never seen a Cirque du Solei show up close, and going by the clips, I would feel like my senses were being overwhelemed.

    My Mom is the one responsible for my odd music tastes. It just hit me, she was listening to the Beatles and the Dave Clark 5, in Detroit ... when Motown was actually MOTOWN. Would love to ask her how did that happen now.

    Anywho, glad y'all are back and well!

  7. How exciting...the videos are amazing. Only in Vegas - fantasyland for adults! You are almost in another world :)

  8. The cat looks COOL with that All layed back like that. From the sounds of it, yall had a high ole time in Vegas. :) SO much to see, so much to do there! Enjoying the posting of this, look forward to more pictures of yalls trip. Hugs, Kelly

  9. I would love to see that show!! I love martinis, we had them on new years eve made with hypnotic. Yummy. Linda

  10. Sounds like you had a good time. Anxious to hear which buffets you ate. We've been to Lost Wages twice and have never seen a show. I did take a picture of the doors at Ceasar's Palace where you go in to see Bette Midler but that's as close as I got. Anxious to hear more of your Vegas tales...Linda in soggy Washington

  11. Vagased out...what a brilliant expression..By all the things you managed to see and do you deseve to be Vagased out !!
    Thank you so much for sharing it all with us. Something I will never experience I am sure..I can hardly wait for the next episode.
    Gla dyou ar eback safe and sound though.
    Love Sybil xx

  12. Awww. Love that you shared your medalion with Sheeba. The show looked wonderful. I haven't had a martini in a hundred years. That blueberry one sounds just right for me.
    Hugs, Joyce


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