Monday, May 25, 2009

Back home, but still very occupied!

We got back tonight, but it will be another early night as we plan on unloading the truck tomorrow.

No major mishaps, although there have been some adventures so far, including (but not limited to) the sighting (not by us) of a monkey in the road, a case of drunk and disorderly (again, not us, and fortunately, no authorities were involved), double dipping (definitely not us), and an enabling neighbor. Details to follow.

I'm quite proud of myself for driving all the way back by myself--it's been years since I did a long road trip--although there were a few scary moments when the rain came down so hard I could barely see Ken's taillights. We had walkie-talkies with us, so we were able to keep each other company and I was able to share my usual jokes at certain points. (A large wooden statue at a Route 66 shop has arms that slowly rotate, so I always do that as we drive by. When we cross the Mississippi, I like to say, "The mighty Mississippi. Old Man River. The Big Muddy." in a dramatic voice. Got to do that twice. When driving by a big Doppler radar ball, both of us mention the Super Double Viper Doppler in homage to all those news stations with their Super Doppler. We're weird, I know.)

Check yes or no I also amused myself by interspersing some new CD's (The Fratellis, The Plain White T's, The Ting Tings, the new Pretenders, Ludo, the latest Dandy Warhols) with listening to conservative talk radio and talking back to the nonsense I heard them spew. I think I caught all the players at some point: Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, that Savage guy (who kept mentioning "Ein Volk [with the V pronounced as a V, rather than the proper German pronunciation with an F] Ein Reich, Ein Obama"--hahaha!), Laura Ingraham, and my personal fave, Sean Hannity, who asked his guest, "So what's the deal? Do Hillary and Bill like Obama?" What a gossip queen! Maybe the President can have Rahm pass notes from him to Hillary and Bill that say, "Do you like me? Check yes or no."

Hm, guess I missed O'Reilly and Gallagher, but the others were entertaining enough. I can only take so much blather, anyway.

We've still got plenty of work to do this week, so my reading and commenting will be limited for a little while longer. Ken's mom and stepdad seem to be really excited about their new place and about being up here. It's been stressful for them, as moves always are, but I think that now that the time has arrived, they're excited to get up here.

More soon. Miss you guys!


  1. Hopefully, you'll catch a few hours where it's not raining. Can't wait to hear the stories. :)

  2. I'm glad it wasn't too eventful for you all. Glad you are back & safe. Looking forward to hearing all about the big move soon. Miss ya too.


  3. Beth:

    Glad to hear you guys made it back home. I seen the New Star Trek flick, good stuff! We went to the Rt 66 Drive In and seen Wolvorine also, it was OK compared to Star Trek. Tell Ken I said Hello. I hope your day is kind to you both.


  4. In what can only be described as a national tragedy, O'Reilly ended his radio show earlier this year. I still have unpredictable crying fits several times per day...

  5. Welcome back, safely, Beth. That includes all of you.

  6. Glad you are back safe and sound ... I am looking forward to hearing about the big move and getting settled ...

  7. Sounds like things went well and for that we are all grateful! Now, just get them settled in nicely and we'll be around when you get back, no rushing on our part!
    Don't you love driving trips with walkie talkies and following the hubby? I like to drive mine crazy with breaker 10-4 jokes all the merry way!

  8. Before long Ken's parents will be settled in and you will be back among us. Until then relax do what needs to be done and we'll hear from you when you can. Moving is never easy, even if it's someone else you're moving. (Hugs)Indigo

  9. I'd have looked around for the Candid Camera if I saw a monkey. Who saw the monkey?

    I've had to drive shorter distances in the dark/heavy rain, with no place to turn off or pull over & although I am a "good in a crisis" person & not usu fearful, that is a heart-stopping experience once you realize~Hey, I cannot see~. I'm glad everything(one) turned out safe.~Mary
    ps did they have kitschy stuff you tried to get them to dump rather than move? that has happened when I have helped people ~of a certain age~pack.


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