Monday, July 13, 2009

Getting things done

To do list revised It's been a perfect day at Nutwood when it comes to weather, and a great day for getting things done!

We made it an early night last night, and after sleeping in and spending a little time on the computer this morning, we headed out to the garage to finish with the garage sale stuff. We had it all done in about an hour, the truck loaded and all the tables broken down and ready to return to my folks after we get back from vegecation. I'm happy to report that the ponies are back in the garage! A quick note here, with a follow-up later in the entry. One of the things we moved back from Missouri was this big freakin' metal cabinet that Ken's stepdad stored tools in. With the tools in it, it took four of us to lift it, and it was such a bitch that Ken started calling it The Monstrosity and I called it The Beast. It didn't sell at the garage sale, so I suggested that we put it out at the side of the road. We did that before we left on our errands.

Next stop was the bank, where we made various transactions, including depositing our garage sale funds. Between us, my Mom, and Ken's Mom, it was a thousand-dollar garage sale, so that is not too shabby! I was also pleased to get a change-of-name form notarized for the IRA account I have in North Dakota. Yes, Ken and I have been married for going on eight years, and I still had not gotten my name changed on that account! I'd changed the beneficiary, of course, but there was no urgent need to get my name changed. I'll be happy to get that taken care of, and will send it in this week. If nothing else, it will make me happy to not see my ex-husband's last name on the statements I get! No resentment there--it's been a long time, and I got over that mess some time ago...if I hadn't, I'd wonder about my mental health--but it will be nice to not have to see that name each month!

Then it was the barber shop for Ken, and since I took a book along, I was quite content to read while I waited. It's a very short cut, but that will be great for him for our Florida trip!

Next: the Goodwill drive-through. We had a truckload of stuff, and I hope there are lots of things that people can use, and things that will make some kids happy.

Our final stop was the grocery store, where we picked up some New York Strips on sale. Guess what we're having for dinner this evening?

As we pulled up to our place and stopped to get the mail, we saw that The Monstrosity was gone! One of the cool things about living out here is that if there's something you don't want, just set it out by the side of the road, and someone will probably take it. It's the Nutwood version of Freecycle, and whatever people can use, we're just happy to not put it into a landfill.

A very good day hangin' with my hubby. This week will be Florida prep, and I am definitely getting excited to visit our home away from home. I can almost feel the sand between my toes. We're both taking our laptops, by the way, so you'll get regular updates from sunny Florida! (For those of you who actually live in Florida, I hope I don't bore you with what is everyday life for you!) Life is good, and MAN, I'm in a great mood.


  1. Some wonderful computer time this morning that absolutely set a great tone for the day :o) Then off to run some errands and get our contingency funds a bit more contingent, and best of all, having a great day with my best friend -- LUWAMHHP :o)

  2. No one bought the beast. I'm guessing you aren't too surprised. As far as your account under the old name, an older friend of mine received notice of significant funds still with her as bene under the name of a man she could not recall(she blocks things out when they are very bad). Turned out her ex-husband WHO'D BEEN HER EX FOR OVER 35 YEARS, left her on as bene for quite a few things. She did turn the money over to his now family since children and grand children were involved. I'm thinking you'd be double sure nothing went to your ex :-0.

  3. LOL, the beast was gone. Sounds like our area, if you put it out, they'll take it. Sadly though they will also take things that I don't want taken :(

    Wow, good going on the yard sale profits! That's huge for a yard sale. It sounds like a busy but fun day as well. Enjoy your dinner!

  4. Hi Beth,
    I'm amazed the "beast" disappeared so quickly. I hope it's not in the woods around Nutwood terrorizing local villagers.

  5. WOW!! Sounds like you had a GREAT yard sale!! Glad someone was able to use the Beast!! A girlfriend of mine has an alley behind her home where we put things sometimes knowing that it'll usually be picked up in a matter of minutes... LOL!! It works well for everyone, I guess. I bet Ken was happy you finally changed your name, even if it was only one account. = )

  6. A thousand plus garage sale *whistling* well done!! As for the Beast, glad it's gone and I'm sure someone is loving it some where else as I write this.
    Ones mans trash.....another mans new monstrosity right?
    So did anyone haggle you? Harass you over price and holy hell, when did comments get a spell checker?? Cooool ~
    By the way. I am currently visiting your site via my new Google Chrome and nothing, nadda, no bad voodooo has cemented me as of yet. Woohooo me ~

  7. comment worked.
    I am no longer fearful of visiting your beautiful words.

    Thank the Blog and browser Gods!


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