Sunday, July 26, 2009

One more howdy from the South

This time from Corbin, Kentucky. Which we found out at Applebee's is in a dry county, and they can't serve cool amber beverages--or any other beverage with *gasp* alcohol in it--on Sundays. Noooooo! I'd forgotten that there were still some dry counties in the South. We survived.

A great visit to Biltmore House today, and I'll write more about it when I get some time and some pictures edited. You can't take pictures inside the house, so if you want to see a few, go to and you can find pictures of the interior there. I took a few of the exterior, and several of the gardens. My favorite room? The library, of course. And I bought a book in the gift shop about the restoration and preservation of the house, so I'll be happy to read that and add it to our collection! George Vanderbilt collected 23,000 volumes, and about 10,000 are on display in the library. I've got a good start, but I still have a long way to go if I want to reach that point. I'd better get busy!

After a wine tasting at the winery, we had a little snack at the wine bar there before we toured the house. What a nice surprise to chat up the lady running the wine bar and find out that she and her husband are from Indianapolis! We had a really nice time talking with her, and they love it in Asheville (despite the higher cost of living). It really is a small world inside a great big one, and you never know what sort of pleasant encounters you'll find when you're out and about in it!

We spent about seven hours at the Estate, and then hit the road and put in about four. This will make for not too bad a day tomorrow, and get us back to Nutwood at a decent hour. I had a great time, as always, with my partner in crime traveling buddy, but I'll be happy to get home and see our kitty.

Happy trails!


  1. If you drink hard liquor on the lord's day you have only yourself to blame if you have salacious dreams at night. And you can quote me.


  2. Thanks for sharing Vegecation with me :o)

  3. Hi Beth,
    Sounds like a great time ... I need to take a vegecation, too, one of these days!

  4. When I was a teen-ager and college student in Kentucky, there were only 4 out of 100 counties in the state that weren't dry. Fortunately, the Univ. of KY was in one of the wet ones! I wonder if that ratio still exists.

    One more day of driving for you. Make it a safe one, and enjoy your homecoming.

  5. hey beth, ask db if they have any recommendations as to which particular brand of hard liquor causes the best salacious dreams???

    i go on vacation thursday until the end of august and some input would cut down my * reasearch *


  6. Isn't Corbin where the original KFC is? We visited there, and it was quite interesting.

  7. Smallville is in a dry county, so no liquor on the Lord's Day. In fact, you can't do anything on the Lord's Day until after 1:30 PM because nothing is open until then--except for WalMart and then you can only buy food or medicines before 1:30!

  8. How dry you are!...on the Lord's Day.

  9. Hi Beth what a beautiful place Biltmore is ~ sounded like you had a great time there ~ have a safe journey home ~ Ally x

  10. I saw the slideshow Ken put together, that place is awesome! I live in a dry amber beverages anywhere!


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