Sunday, November 1, 2009

How do I love thee, Football?

ND football First things first: Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit! Evil spirits begone from Nutwood! Especially important after yesterday's Satanic revelries, and all those demons in our back yard going at it like...well, rabbits. They sound kind of like cats. Quite disturbing.

Fantastic outcome to the Notre Dame-Washington State game yesterday, with the Irish finally winning handily, 40-14, and saving me another coronary. (Thanks, guys.) The play of the game for me was in the closing seconds of the first half, when Jimmy Clausen threw to Golden Tate in the end zone. Golden had double coverage on him for most of the game, but this time...he had triple coverage. He leaped into the air to make the catch and hung on to get the touchdown. If I recall correctly, I believe my reaction was "OH MY GOD did he just fucking catch that ball?!" Or something to that effect.

Today was the Colts and San Francisco, and although the Colts started off slow and looked flat the entire game, they pulled out the win 18-14 and are one of two teams left in the league with a perfect record (New Orleans is the other one). I know all too well that going unbeaten for a while does not mean you are invincible, but it's still fun to see your team get a winning streak going. Also great to see one of my favorite Colts, Bob Sanders, playing after his injury. He's not a real big guy, but man, he's fierce! The Bears also won, so it's been a good football weekend. Not for everyone, though. My pal Darren's--you know, the cereal killer, haha--Winnipeg team lost. I'm sorry you didn't get a win, too, buddy!

It's on days like this when my heart is filled with love for football. Watching that Golden Tate catch--and I have, several times--gives me incredible joy. If you watch that video, you'll see Clausen gesture for Golden to "c'mere!" and give him a big grin and a hug. When I saw that happen in real time, I was like "Awww!" and got more than a little choked up. I suppose it's silly to get choked up over something like that, but seeing their smiles and such an incredible play just makes me so very happy.

Colts Of course, it can go the other way. When my team loses, I'll spend a few hours in a blue funk. And I've actually gotten better over the years, if you can believe that. When I lived in Indianapolis and was so into the Pacers, my friends and family knew better than to call me after a loss, or even worse, during a game. A friend from Montana called me once during a playoff game, and I said, "Lisa, I can't talk. Watching the game." She laughed. I said, "I'm not kidding. I'll call you back afterwards." This seems natural to me, but then you're talking to someone from a family who gets pissed off if someone plans a wedding or something during a Notre Dame game (and some people have been known to use headphones during such an event).

For anyone who isn't a sports fan, it's hard to explain. But a love of sports is truly the international language. There is something communal in the mutual joy we experience in our love of the game.

Sorry about the long video, but here's one from one of my favorite bands, The Tubes, and my favorite album of theirs, "The Completion Backward Principle." The target song begins around the five-minute mark. Warning: Some of you may be familiar with the Tubes and will know that they are not G-rated. You get the full monty from Fee Waybill in this one!

Gimme a B! Gimme another B!


  1. So many have the love of football and other sports. I never grew up in a sports environment. But I try to understand those that follow and have to "be where they can see the games" ---lol! The rest of us have our own passions and hope everyone understands us too! lol
    Have fun Beth!

  2. You forgot to mention the Illini having their way with the Wolverines :o)

    As I said last night, that Tate is Golden. He is awesome.

  3. That was a great catch!! I can see why you had the reaction you did. I love sports too, I love it when it's a really good game and there is alot of shouting and booing going on...and that's just from me. LOL

    Cool video - I enjoyed the song. (Thanks for the warning, I would have thought I was seeing things had you not prepared me. haha)

  4. Thanks for the warning about the video. I made certain to put on my glasses so I wouldn't miss any details. I enjoyed it ;-0

    I'm not really a sports fan but I do like men in uniforms. Does that count?

  5. Well ... I DIDN'T forget the Illini taking the Wolverines to the woodshed!!

    I don't recall ever being one that would get ill if I had to get pulled away from a game. I think it is more how immersed I get in the game while it is going on that makes folks think I am a sports nut.

    Wonder if your boy Fee has any real sports skills ..? And you were right ... the full monty indeed!

  6. Beth, you are absolutely nuts but that is what keeps me coming back. Ne. university finally pulled out another win but I have to admit not crazy about football. More power to those who do.

  7. I'd love to comment, but I don't relate to football at all. Now, if you want to talk baseball, that's another story. :-)


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