Saturday, January 30, 2010

A thorough schoolin’

Biden as Sam I enjoyed watching the State of the Union address on Wednesday night. (Picture stolen from Darren’s Facebook page. It made me laugh.) I liked the President's mixture of confidence and resolve and feistiness (you all know I love feisty!). I thought he got back on track with his message of what he wants to undertake in our country, and in the process, sent a clear message to the GOP that if they continue to obstruct every single item that he proposes, they will own part of the responsibility when the American people say that nothing is being done in Washington. Calling out the Supreme Court on their recent decision concerning corporate campaign donations was also a nice touch. (I understand that it is a free speech issue; I hope they can pursue this a little further and make sure there are limits.)

I was happy enough with that speech and his performance. Last night, I read the transcript and watched the video of his meeting with the Republican Caucus on Friday, and I cannot begin to express my sheer delight and utter glee at his response to their questions! This is why your supporters voted you into office, Mr. President, and I'd like to say "welcome back!"

It was masterful. With every lame question thrown his way, each question seemingly designed to make the questioner appear knowledgeable and ready to take on the Evil Socialist, he showed how much the GOP has underestimated him. The thing I liked about him from the very beginning was his incredible grasp of not only facts, but all the nuances of various issues; the guy really does take the time to study the issues and learn about all sides of them. Everyone knows that the most effective debater is one who studies the other side as well as their own, right? Well, not everyone, as was apparent in the stunned response from the right wing. Mike Pence, the moderator (he's from Indiana, but he's not my Congressman, and I don't claim him), actually stopped the session after Obama had gone a half an hour past his scheduled time; Fox News cut their broadcast of the session short. I think that was quite telling.

President Obama2 text As much as many of us would like to see more of these sessions, I'm guessing that it will be a long time before we see another one...if we ever do. Somewhere, someone is asking "Whose bright idea was it to allow a fucking camera in there? Someone's head is going to roll!"

As each questioner approached him with talking point after talking point, he thoroughly dismantled their argument; when they threw out platitudes that we've heard time and time again from ClusterFox and their imbecilic talking heads, he threw them right back in their faces, even calling out one Congressman, Jeb Hensarling of Texas, by telling him, "I’ve just got to take this last question as an example of how it’s very hard to have the kind of bipartisan work that we’re going to do, because the whole question was structured as a talking point for running a campaign." The President was also quick to point out that this is happening on both sides, and I also acknowledge that--I see it happening with some of my own legislators (which reminds's time for more emails to them).

By the way, I wonder if from here on out, all of Jeb Hensarling's friends are going to start calling him Jim? I sure would.

I also think it's time to give the teleprompter thing a rest, folks. People came to him with their questions they had thought about and written out beforehand; he answered them off-the-cuff, with no teleprompter and no notes. The guy knows his shit, you have to give him that.

Obama and GOP2 With the State of the Union and this question and answer session, I believe he has shown that he is willing to listen to ideas from the GOP, but they obviously have to be good ideas, and the numbers have to add up. He outlined some of the ideas that came from the GOP that have been incorporated into the health care reform bill. The GOP continues to say that he is ignoring everything they are saying; that is simply not true (if I may quote Justice Alito). Of course, he's not going to give across-the-board tax cuts, so that someone like Warren Buffett gets a tax cut. Even Warren Buffett has said that he shouldn't get a tax cut! Wealthier Americans can afford to pay more in taxes proportionately, and I believe they should. If middle class Americans believe that a billionaire is entitled to the same kind of tax cut that they are getting, you might want to see your doctor about that brainwashing you have apparently received. That's just sad. Oh, and stand up straight, and get rid of that Vaseline. It's embarrassing to see you beg for it.

The President has effectively placed the onus on the GOP by showing that he's a reasonable guy willing to listen, willing to talk, willing to take phone calls, and willing to compromise in order to reach a consensus in order to get things done. If the GOP continues to block every attempt by this administration to enact legislation, they will only solidify their reputation as the "party of no." Remember, it was GOP Senator Jim Demint who said this about the President's health care reform efforts: "If we’re able to stop Obama on this it will be his Waterloo. It will break him." That doesn't sound like much of a willingness to cooperate to me. That sounds like someone who wants nothing more than to ensure that our President fails in whatever endeavors he undertakes, even if it is to the detriment of the American people. (It also sounds like someone who has their own excellent health insurance.)

There were flashes of humor, and moments of sarcasm. Whether it was backing off of a compliment in order to not hurt one of the attendees' reelection bid, or ridiculing the portrayal of health care reform as a "Bolshevik plot," the Pres was on a roll, and he was having fun. Why wouldn't he? Each attempt to shoot him down (and I give them credit for being a respectful bunch...I guess Joe Wilson wasn't invited) was unsuccessful and was repelled with skill and precision. Why? Because the guy knows his shit.

This is the Barack Obama who engaged and motivated a large segment of the population; this is the Barack Obama we elected.

I have never regretted that I voted for him. After this week, I am even more happy and proud to say that I did so.

President Obama


  1. I have not regretted voting for him at all and was so proud of him during the speech and Q&A session. He is doing what he campaigned about and is trying to get everyone to work together. His intelligence is a beacon, and he handled their questions brilliantly.

  2. It was very enjoyable to listen to the entire Q&A, he certainly did disect their lame talking points and less then truthfull arguments.

  3. Hi Beth I actually heard the state of the Union talk on the radio at 3AM..well I know you like late nights!! LOl but I am usually tucked up in bed and asleep by 10.30ish. However the other night I woke up just in time to lie and listen to Obama's excellent speach and I have to agree with everything you say about it. I do hope he can get everyone to work together but fear that may be a faint hope...
    Love Sybil x

  4. i have soured to FB quite a bit in the last week. I have read trash talking from school mates, J Land imbeciles, family (Jesus,the WORST), friends and coworkers....i have not said a word and have had to quit commenting. I refuse to argue on there. But there are so many blind idiots online!!! They bash and accuse and judge Obama and there is no merit to a large percentage of their talk. I watched him on TV at the Republican Caucus and i was blown away also. This man walked into the biggest mess since i have been born and has done all he can to turn around the economy and clean up Bush's messes and wow, gee, so many messes to clean up.

  5. You were channeling me, obviously, when you wrote this...couldn't have said it better! Wasn't he masterful in both settings? And I am baffled too, along with Sherry, at the numbers of "blind idiots" and their willingness to spout off anywhere, anytime, with IGNUNCE.

    We few SC liberals (all three of us),originated and were educated elsewhere; we would like to apologize to the entire country for Jim DeMint, Joe Wilson, Mark Sanford, and Vereen the horse-lover. Hard to keep my mouth shut down here and hard to hold my head up elsewhere. So, I'm following Obama's lead and taking off the gloves.

  6. Fabulous post! I adore Obama...I, too voted for him. Oh, he does me proud when he is so "Fiesty" like you described. He is so prepared and knowledgeable about everything! He is Brilliant.

    I can't remember if I told you that I wrote to Obama last month about my concerns for Seniors......and my personal issues! He responded back!......I have his signature on a beautiful letter. When he says: he answers all his mail and emails.........he surely does. I've never written to a President before but I was upset enough to do so because I want his help.

    Great job Beth!

    Hugs, Rose

  7. Just one more vote for the accuracy of your post. Right on!

  8. I'm more proud than ever that I voted for him. He's been the most honest man we've had in the white house in many, many years.

  9. My husband summed up the talk w/the GOP like this, "They're mental midgets compared to Obama." I couldn't have said it any better myself.

    Great post, Beth. You really should consider running for office. ;-)

  10. Beth, we too enjoyed the State of the Union Address and the caucus talk. The president was what I expect every president to be, calm, forceful, engaging, and informed. I have never understood the teleprompter issue. Most people in the public eye use telepropmters. Most could never live without them. Thankfully, President Obama can.:)

  11. Both the State of the Union and the Q&A before the Repub caucus were amazing. He's so eloquent and knowledgeable. He's truly a leader. :)


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