Thursday, February 4, 2010

And we’re off!

Teabaggers The very first Tea Party convention is underway! My evil twin Bob [Hi Bob! sip] suggested that I be the official correspondent of our little group here, and I think that's a fine idea. I'm afraid I can't attend in person (although wouldn't that be an interesting time...!), even though tickets are still available for Saturday night's banquet and speech by Sarah Palin, but I will try to glean a few tidbits from the news and from online and write a bit about those. Gee, I'm kind of excited! How about you?

First off, thanks to a new Anonymous for stating their case so compellingly and concisely by calling us all idiots. Way to stand up for your beliefs! Well, in an anonymous sort of way, anyway. But hey, be proud of your accomplishment in successfully not including your name! That was really good, and you know, a total stranger who doesn't leave their name and calls me and my friends idiots? That makes me wonder about my philosophy and my priorities, ponder if I've been wrong in feeling some of the things I do and believing in certain crazy ideas like health care for all. In fact, it just generally makes me want to rethink things....

Okay. I'm done. Next!

I noticed that after yesterday's entry, I had a couple of visits from the House of Representatives, so that was kind of cool! I also see that I upset one of Blackburn's minions. Thanks, bud, for listing some of the things that Blackburn has voted for and some that she has voted against. You know what? I don't care. You know why? Your gal was a co-sponsor of a bill introduced as a reaction to the Birther conspiracy, apparently buying into that idiocy; she called bicycle paths "frivolous and wasteful" (despite requesting millions in earmarks herself); and she maintained that the health care bill mandated death panels for the elderly. All completely ridiculous. You must be so proud.

I read yesterday that this convention was getting pretty big. I don't know if Nashville can accommodate all those teabaggers. (That's what they started calling themselves, by the way.) A horde of 600 angry teabaggers has descended upon that fine city! Run for the hills! Granted, this is billed as being for those who who are running local chapters, a way to work together to consolidate their movement. From what I've seen throughout the years, though, it's hard to consolidate if you don't have clear positions on things, or if you're clamoring without content and fomenting without form. It takes more than "I'm mad!" to make a movement to be reckoned with, and to all these leaders of chapters throughout the country, I say, "Lotsa luck with creating form from chaos."

Teabaggers2 I checked out the website today, and aside from seeing that there were still tickets available for the banquet and keynote speaker Saturday night, I got to read about the schedule. Even as I write, they are enjoying a meet & greet (with hors d'oeuvres!), to be followed by the kickoff speaker, Tom Tancredo. This is the guy that thinks that all illegal aliens should be immediately deported, and said, "They're coming here to kill you, and you, and me, and my grandchildren." I think that's really a rotten thing to say about Canadians, who seem like a gentle, loving people to me, but I suppose he's entitled to his opinion. I think someone should ask him why he hates Canadians and thinks they're out to kill him and his grandkids. I'm curious, and maybe we need to assess the extent of the Canadian threat. I mean, if we've got murderous Canadians sneaking across our border, shouldn't we address that issue?

But wait! The evening is young! Tonight's entertainment will be provided by Lisa Mei (I had to look her up...she describes herself as a right wing extremist, is retired Air Force, and is a "Conservative singer/songwriter available for performances at your next rally, summit, tea party, march, convention, etc.") and...the one, the only...Mr. Ray Stevens. That's right, the man who brought you "The Streak" will be playing to those teabaggin' crazies tonight! Party on, Ray! Party on, teabaggers! I would certainly hope that they aren't driven into a frenzy by the song and decide that. That would be bad. [clapping hands to head...Get out, mental images!]

The streaking orgy will be followed by a prayer session for the convention and for our nation, and then there will be a showing of a movie called "Tea Party--the Documentary." (Does anyone know if that made the list of Oscar nominees for best picture?)

And this is just the first night! Goodness gracious, what delights are in store for us Friday and Saturday? Stay tuned.


  1. Little wonder they are not taken seriously as they think they are. Perhaps the little voices that speak to Glen Beck were too busy to let them know that they were supposed to be in Nashville.

    I am so with you that Blackburn lass. Gotta wonder what she is smokin' aligning herself with the Birthers. Sheesh!

  2. Maybe Palin can use some of her fee to pay all that ovetime for the police to handle those huge crowds. Okay, now, what to spend the rest of the $99,999 on :o)

  3. personally, i would rather be an idiot than a coward.

    i may be stupid but at least i have balls to stand up and claim what i say.


  4. You are wonderful and ridiculously informed. I assume you read Margaret & Helen, but just in case you don't, here's the link. These old ladies are brilliant far beyond their years. Enjoy!

  5. Gee, I've now lost some respect for Ray Stevens... I wonder just how old he is these days and when was the last time he has a hit record?

    Okay, that was mean of me... I just hope he doesn't sing 'The Streak' while there. I'd hate to think with all the alcohol being imbibed at this little gathering that one of those blathering idiots might take his song too seriously and... well you get the idea, and it wouldn't be a pretty picture.

    But seriously, if these people act anything like other typical political types they won't be able to agree on anything and go home even more angry... or drunk.

  6. Do you think Miss Mei might be available for the next Drunken Dust Bunny Weekend? Anyway, you are, as always, well thought out and clear and concise, which makes makes the topic at hand all the more scary. Angry does only get you so far, as evidenced by the LGBT movement for years. Anger makes for great photo-ops and marches, but poor motivation and even worse arguments.

  7. Shrieking streaking Teabaggers filling the streets of Nashville!
    What fun!

  8. I saw the anonymous post about us being idiots from yesterday..if checking out the facts and making a reasonable choice after taking all the information into account, wanting to learn from our own mistakes, hoping for a bit of reason and understanding to lift the veil of ignorance just a bit and hope that a view of better things is glimpsed, then yes, I'm an idiot-hell, I do idiotic things on a daily basis but I laugh and try to learn from them...And bike paths being wasteful?!? Wouldn't more bike paths mean people would be more likely to get out, exercise a bit more, be a bit more healthy and lower the burden on the health care system a bit? Nothing like not seeing the forest for the trees I guess.. Good post Beth, I enjoyed it :)

  9. Oh, Lord, I've got to call my son in Nashville and tell him to alert the Uh-Oh Squad. My local Curves here in South Carolina is run by teabaggers who are so confident that their customer base is bedrock reactionary, they flaunt their politics on the premises. I'd go somewhere else, but you can't get away from them in this state, so my exercise goal is to keep my mouth muscularly shut at Curves and to run it aerobically in the blogosphere. I'm just proud to be here!

  10. What a delectable buffet Beth! Sorry I missed the anon; been busy. Glad Bob elected you correspondent, I'd hate to have to pull Desdemoana out of the closet. 600? Maybe they aren't gaining as much ground as I thought. Ray Stevens? Who's he? Just kidding! ;)


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