Saturday, June 26, 2010

Your reality has been disconnected

Switchboard I'm really noticing a major break from reality in a lot of people lately. I'm not talking about getting things a little bit wrong; I'm talking "fuck the facts I'm just going to make shit up" wrong.

We've got the Missouri farmer who placed a huge sign on his farm calling the Democrats the "party of parasites." This same farmer has accepted a million dollars in crop subsidies from the federal government. Sir, I know parasites; I worked with parasites for much of my career. The Democratic party may have its share, but certainly does not have the market cornered on parasites.

Then there is Michelle Bachmann, teabagger royalty, who takes every opportunity to rail against big government and Obama's "socialistic" agenda. Bachmann's farm received over a quarter of a million in federal subsidies. Kind of digging that whole socialist scene, aren't you, Bachmann? At least when it is you who is the beneficiary.

Let's see...then there is Lutheran pastor Tom Brock, who is virulently anti-gay and takes every opportunity to tell gays that they are immoral and disgusting and going to hell if they don't change their ways. In his down time from gaybashing, he attends conventions with other pastors, and in a recent one in Slovakia, apparently fell into temptation and was weak...and had some sort of a homosexual encounter with a Gypsy (who he says are toothless, filthy, and smelly, although I guess for such an encounter, toothless might be a plus!). Oh, he's admitted that he's gender-confused, and belongs to a group that promotes abstinence among men who are fighting homosexual urges. All the while, he continues to preach his I-hate-gays-and-so-does-my-god rhetoric. What an amazing amount of self-loathing he must be carting around! Give it up and be fabulous, dude!

We're not done. There is the lovely desert flower, Jan Brewer, who, in order to drum up more support for her racist immigration bill in Arizona, is claiming that illegal immigrants are mainly concerned with smuggling drugs across the border rather than trying to get jobs here to feed their families. The assertion that illegal immigration in Arizona has led to higher crime rates is simply not true. It is a falsehood, and Brewer continues to spew such lies...and people continue to fall for it.

Delusional In a delusional break that hits closer to home, I've had a person who ridiculed my nephew as a coward and a "mama's boy" for not deploying to Afghanistan while in the Marines--despite the fact that he was hospitalized for over a week with a severe abscess and designated as non-deployable by the U.S. Marines themselves--in a tizzy about their own family member's possible immediate deployment, and ensuring that such deployment was delayed by whatever means necessary. Gee, really? How is that cowardice, mama's boy thingie working for you?

What do all these things have in common? From what I can tell, it's such a hatred and disdain for the other side that there is an inability to recognize one's own inconsistencies and irrational behavior, or that of whatever group affiliation is claimed. We saw it during the health care debate, when teabaggers were calling for smaller government, but at the same time shouting, "Keep your hands off my Medicare!" Or when Palin continued to harp about "death panels," when it was a patently absurd suggestion and a complete fabrication and misrepresentation of something that every family should discuss. I honestly don't know if it's a matter of being unable to grasp the larger complexities of an issue, or simply willful ignorance. Not all of these people are unintelligent; I believe it's often a calculated attempt to prevaricate and persuade through dishonest means. It is most certainly a disconnect from the reality of a situation. I may try to persuade with my arguments, but I always stay firmly rooted in reality. Once you give that up, I suppose you can justify anything, at least in your own mind.

That doesn't change reality, though. No matter how deeply you've managed to deceive yourself, those of us who haven't followed you to your own personal Bizarro World know the reality of things.


  1. Check out the link on my blog for Fiona's audition tape... she is Houston's self-professed one woman ministry for tolerance and acceptance!

  2. They say things get crazy before they get better, so, maybe, just maybe, we're getting ready for the upswing?

  3. I fear we are in for more of the same, on both fronts, between now and November. Hopefully after that things will be less crazy.

  4. a friend of mine has a friend who i call "Pope John Paul". The pricks first and second names are John Paul. I think i hate him. He HATES Obama....and gets on my friends FB page and spews shit....writing like 10 paragraphs, always getting the last word and bashing ANYONE who is not rich. His latest rant is unemployment. i just added my two cents and i am sure he is going to try and bury me. Bastard. Did i say i think i hate him? He says anyone on unemployment is a lazy ass fucktard and needs to go dig a ditch for the $.

    my brother agreed with Pope John and i attempted to throw my brother under the bus. I really believe, genuinely, that by Christmas, my brother and i will not be speaking anymore because of FB and because he is one true clueless Conservative with an entitlement attitude. Being that my DH and i are part of the working poor who have never asked anyone for shit...well, i just stand my ground and keep getting more disgusted and more pissed. How am i fucking related to these morons? Remember, my dad and mom back my brother.

    a dude at work has declared he is going to go door to door for Palin in 2012. JESUS. I am speechless. And, this is the honest to God truth...he has started wearing his gun, legally, in a holster as he mows his grass. Everyone has went fucking insane.

  5. A lot of times I through out some esoteric rant about the secret society and cabals of the rich and powerful more out of my own personal enjoyment and knowing enough to stir the pot.

    But I would hardly proffer such things as factual without being able to support my arguement. The troubling thing about many of the conservative leaders or 'faces' for social change is their hypocrisy and misleading half truth, not to mention the occasional bald face lie.

    It is hard to believe that folks like Michelle Bachman are well meaning and Sarah Palin is welll intentioned. The problem is that entitlement is only for people who meet their standard of approval and acceptance, and that is actually no one but them.

    Religious, social or politcal folks on the right only seek what is of the greatest advantage to them and would deny anyone else the same kind of aid. It is begrudgingly that Palin wants things for her fellow 'real Americans'(whatever that means)... whenever I have met people that come across the same what as she does, I am always struck by how selfish and how much blame they have for their folly or misfortune to place on anyone else other than themselves.

    I am sure that this is why people would rather have a 'break' from percieved reality and make up a nonsensical world where they can bend the rules and the truth to fit the nonsense that they want to believe. I also have a lot a faith in society and just like other wrong headed, jingoistic, racist and fear mongering movements, this one too will run its course.

    The real intentions and principles of the Constitution has survived worse that the Tea Baggers. Besides, they are simply too out of touch to make the kind of wholesale changes that they want. The founding fathers saw to that when they designed Congress and how it is elected!!

  6. "A house divided against itself cannot stand."

    Perhaps never more true than now.

  7. Beth, I agree the delusional behavior is getting out of hand. I'm thinking much of the out right lying has to do with being close to an election cycle. They(conservatives) feel desperate enough to play that hand. Maybe it will get better afterward. I'm hopeful about that, but not counting on it.

  8. Teabaggers pride themselves on delusional paranoid behavior.

  9. I like that -- "a calculated attempt to prevaricate and persuade through dishonest means."
    I see a lot of *that* going on all around me!


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