Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Blonde for a day

No, not really! But Cousin Shane and Matt and I are heading up to Harrah's Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, Indiana (that's some good alliteration going on there) to see Blondie Wednesday evening! Shane and I saw Blondie a few years ago in Chicago, and they were fantastic, so I'm thinking this will also be a good show. Deborah Harry is so awesome...I just love her! I've posted this video before, but check it out:

When that video came out, Shane and our friend Steve said that I look like Debbie in the video. That was back in my ├╝berskinny punk days. I won't be wearing an outfit like that, but I'm thinking there will be fishnets involved! I hope to get some pictures and maybe video of the show. Of course, I still haven't got my Devo pics and vids up yet, so I'm well behind the curve.

Oh, and since it's at a casino, we might have time to gamble a little bit. Yippee! What a coincidence that I happen to already have a Harrah's rewards card all ready to go, from the last time I was in Vegas? I'm looking forward to some blackjack, but only if they have $5 tables. I don't plan on spending a whole lot, and it can disappear awfully quick at a $10 table! If they don't have $5 blackjack, I'll do video poker.

Before I forget, I wanted to put up that quote again and tell you who said it.

Secular schools can never be tolerated because such schools have no religious instruction, and a general moral instruction without a religious foundation is built on air; consequently, all character training and religion must be derived from faith . . . we need believing people.

I only got one guess. If you guys don't start playing nice, I just might take my blog and go home. [pout] Aww, it's okay. I still love yas! Stan googled it to find out, but Alaina guessed Strom Thurmond. I think you'll find that as amusing as I did when I tell you that it was Adolf Hitler who said that! It was April 26, 1933, from a speech made during negotiations leading to the Nazi-Vatican Concordant of 1933. The Vatican?! D'oh! Ol' Strom certainly had his own issues with race, though, didn't he?

Anyway, I think that quote shows that Hitler was far from an atheist. There are many other quotes that show that he espoused many religious sentiments. Secular schools aren't to be merely tolerated. They are to be encouraged, and indeed, our national law says that is the only way public schools should be. There is great danger in blurring the line between church and government. If people want to send their kids to a religious school, that is their choice. But all public schools should leave religion out of it.

Coming soon: the Devo review, a Blondie review, and a review of a documentary I watched over the past couple of nights, Ben Stein's "Expelled." Sorry I'm so behind!


  1. enjoy the show!!!! win big!!!


  2. I cheated and googled the quote as well. While it is shocking when you consider the immensity of the character of his impact on the 20th century, not when you simply take in account his character.

    Religion provides an indoctrinated following for a pied piper to tap into. Many of the cult of religion are ready to be led. All one has to do is hold their chain... they will follow wherever you go.

  3. BTW... a brunette Debbie Harry? Enjoy the show!

  4. Blondie rocked my world when I was a teen!

  5. I hope the concert was fun. Wish I could've been there with you guys... *sigh* maybe, the next time?


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