Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Political Stratego Well, I suppose I should write briefly about yesterday's election, although I really do need a break, and I'm looking forward to taking a few days off of worrying about all this. I really am so glad it's over.

Of course, I wasn't happy with the outcome, although it wasn't unexpected. What slays me about it is that they asked people in exit polls if they think the Republicans will do a better job with being in charge in the House, and the majority said no. Hahaha! I just don't get the disconnect there. "Yeah, I'm going to vote for them, but I don't expect them to do anything!" Huh?

Anyway, we've got a Republican-controlled Congress now, and I suppose that will mean it will be even harder to get anything done. I am disappointed that President Obama continues to believe that there is some sort of middle ground to be found with the GOP. I think they've made it very clear that they do not want to work with the Democrats on anything, and merely want the President to fail. Screw the country. It's disgusting. The few GOP members who are willing to work with the Democrats are getting pushed increasingly to the right by the teabaggers, making it even harder to accomplish anything. Some of us have been laughing about how they've been in charge of the House for going on 24 hours now, and they have yet to fix anything! We're waiting!

But seriously...they expected President Obama to fix the big huge mess they made in two years. I plan on applying the same pressure on them. Where's the plan? (And we plan on checking your math.) Where are the jobs? Why do we still have a deficit? Why are we still in Afghanistan? How are you going to fix our broken health care system? I want an answer, and I want it RIGHT NOW. Heh.

Having said all that, I was happy about a couple of things, and I see a silver lining in a couple of others. First and foremost, my congressman, Joe Donnelly, defeated the evil Walorski. Narrowly, but he defeated her. It would have made me sick to my stomach if she were my Representative. Disaster was averted.

Also, the most bat-shittiest crazies of the teabaggers were losers, except for Rand Paul. Really, Kentucky? Really?! Wow. But at least O'Donnell lost in Delaware, and even more importantly, Sharron Angle lost in Nevada. O'Donnell is stupid-crazy; Angle is evil-crazy. Neither should be anywhere near Washington.

I was also disappointed that Alan Grayson lost in Florida. He was one of the fiercest progressives we had, and I hated to see him ousted. However, a friend pointed out that this might be an opportunity for greater things for him; I would love to see him as DNC chairman, driving the Democratic agenda and igniting the base for 2012.

Rock n Roll GalI guess my feeling is that although we may have lost this particular battle, the war is far from over. I'm resigned to giving them their two years to make a difference in jobs and the economy. I'll be curious to see what exactly their plan is for turning things around in that short of a time, and to see how their tax cuts are going to result in a flood of new jobs. I would actually welcome that, because I care about my country and my fellow citizens. But I think you'll understand when I say that I'm highly skeptical that that will happen.

On a happier and non-political note, I'll be heading out Friday with Cousin Shane and Matt, and we'll meet up with my sisters and my brother-in-law in Cleveland for an outing at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It's my sister Sue's birthday, so it's a fun little road trip to celebrate that. Despite our love of all things rock and roll, neither Shane nor I have ever been to the Hall of Fame! *gasp* I KNOW! Diana will be focusing on Beatles stuff, I'm not sure what Sue will focus on (she's not really a rock chick, but I know she's looking forward to it), and I know that Shane and Matt and I will be all about the punk rock...and you don't stop! I might have to take an Ian Hunter CD so we can blast "Cleveland Rocks" on the way. If I had more time, I'd put together a compilation disc of some HoF members. I'll get some pictures, although I know you can't take pictures in the Hall itself. Should be a good time!

Four years blogging Finally, in all the excitement of the election, my blogiversary totally escaped my mind! It was four years of blogging on October 24. I'm not updating as often as I used to, but I'm okay with that. I've worked on making more substantive entries of late (I'm probably due for an Infection Connection entry soon), and I can't do that every day. I appreciate everyone who is still reading, despite my infrequent updates and even more infrequent comments elsewhere; I enjoy you all, but have been working on limiting my online time in order to enjoy other things as well. Thanks for hanging with me, and I hope I'll write enough things in the coming year that will keep you interested!



  1. Have a wonderful trip! This is a great time to take a break and renew yourself. Happy Blogiversary! Life Before Blogging! And we're all counting on your energy as we press for 2012; this will be a fascinating two years.

  2. I was a little nervous about reading, but you know, you have calmed my fears. I still think it is going to be gridlock and I can only find solace in that McCain did not win and Palin did not get any closer to the presidency defacto or as a possible presidential canididate.

  3. Happy belated Blogiversary!
    I, too, was saddened by Grayson's defeat, but the idea of him as DNC chairman is stunning. From your blog to the goddess' ears.

  4. I adore you and learn so much from you every day. I admire your curiosity and commitment to knowing what you're talking about. And, of course, have fun at the R&R Hall of Fame!

  5. I kept an eye on your House race last night via the New York Times interactive map, and was very happy your guy won. And I was also sad about Grayson (and so many other things).

    Congrats on your four years of innerwebz excellence!!!


  6. Thank you, Beth, for keeping a positive face at this frowning time. We will get it back because to make a better world we need better people.

  7. Hi Beth,
    Happy Bloggiversary. Don't let these election results get you down. I look at it this way, it's not going to get any worse than it's already been. The whole charade -- GOP blocking initiative after initiative that might show progress, even when it's something they, themselves have once proposed -- is likely to continue. The good news is, they might not be able to get away with it quite as easily now. Also, a number of the extreme wingnuts didn't get elected. To me, this suggests there's still hope. I've heard rumors that Sharon Angle might get her own TV show: A remake of the Twilight Zone.

  8. Angle's loss was the only bright spot for me.

  9. Beth, happy belated blogiversary! Have a great time on your road trip. You deserve a break. Enjoy it!

  10. 4 years? That is great, but very reasonable to want to tone down a bit to get in all the things in life that interest you beyond blogging.
    As far as the elections, numbers & winners cannot capture consequences. A little healing(rather than punitive)peace would be nice...but it will be a long road.

  11. It was disappointing, but at least we held the Senate.

  12. Not the point, but that illustration made me remember how much I used to enjoy playing Stratego. I'm taking a break from it all, too, but want Keith to be allowed back on Countdown.

  13. happy bloggerversary! i'm behind on my reading but catching up slowly as i recover from being rickrolled by snyder....


  14. Happy Blogaversary!!!

    And I don't know WHAT Kentucky was thinking. Now we'll have to hear that whiny voice for two years!


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