Sunday, July 3, 2011

Travelin’ Gal

NSB1We made it to New Smyrna Beach with few problems. It actually went pretty well, other than some traffic slowdowns in a few areas. (South Carolina seemed particularly prone to traffic snarls.) That’s so frustrating when you’re anxious to get to a place!

One quick note about the trip down. When we were going through Kokomo, Indiana, I noticed the “Welcome To Kokomo” sign. We zipped by fairly quickly, and I said, “Did that say ‘city of florists’?” Ken was like “What?” I said, “It looked like that sign said ‘city of florists.’ That can’t be right.” We eventually drove by a building that had a big sign on the roof that said ‘city of firsts.’ I said, “Ohhhh, city of FIRSTS. That makes more sense then florists!” But Kokomo will forever, to me, be the city of florists.

Okay, so finally we made it to New Smyrna. The weather is typical summer weather in Florida: hot and steamy! I know it’s hurricane season, but I love this kind of weather, at least when you’re right by the ocean to catch that breeze. The building where we stay is right on the ocean, but we got a special surprise when we checked in. We had been confirmed in a second level room (which we prefer), but a few units down from the end. Not ideal, but still good. Apparently, someone had canceled, so we got second level, but the end unit...yeah, the one that faces the ocean! There are two sliding glass doors, one off of the living room and one off of our bedroom, and they go right onto balconies facing the ocean. SCORE! We’ve been coming down here for 10 years, and we’ve only gotten the end unit one other time.

There was much rejoicing! Ken’s mom is loving it, says this is the most peaceful she’s felt for some time now. I’m very happy to hear that.

The pictures in this entry are views from the balcony. The first is what the beach looked like late yesterday, after they’d closed it to vehicle traffic. The other two are what it looks like today, on a holiday weekend. I prefer the non-crowded version. During the week, it won’t be quite as bad.

I’m happy to be back in our home away from home. Now it’s back out on the deck for a little more reading, then a little sun time. More to come!



  1. Enjoy your stay... and company. Must have felt good to hear Ken's Mom express how she is feeling. Again, have a good time!

  2. the sand looks so pristine! i like it better without all the cars too- isn't driving on the beach 'bad' for it? you'd think it would cause more erosion or something.


  3. >(South Carolina seemed particularly prone to traffic snarls.) <
    Prolly a lot of toothless hillbillies driving while Bible thumping.

  4. I think a city of florists sounds lovely!

  5. Smyrna- there's gotta be a pun in there SOMEWHERE! Maybe there is a drag queen in Folrida somewhere named Smyrna Kokomo!! Maybe she is the reigning Miss Smyrna Beach!

  6. Glad the trip down wasn't too bad. "City of Florists" has a nice ring to it. The beach looks lovely. You can keep the heat and humidity though.


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