Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy Fun Pool Time™

Beth, ShaneI’m sure that no one will fault me for sporadic posting as I enjoy what is left of the summer. In fact, I hope you are enjoying it, too! Things have been fairly busy as we try to cram in all those things you only get to do in the summer, whether it’s a minor league game (South Bend Silverhawks, coming up this Friday), an outdoor concert (The Whistle Pigs at the Studebaker Museum), or just catching a few rays and reading on the deck.

One of this summer’s standouts has been spending some time over at Shane and Matt’s house, which has a super-fantastic in-ground pool! (My strange expression in that picture is because I realized that as I was hunkering down to get in the picture with Shane, I was sticking my ass out all the way to Memphis. I made adjustments. Note my Route 66 huggy!) Hmm, as I try to recall the timeline, I think they moved in late last summer, so they didn’t try to get the pool up and running last year. Once they got it in tip-top shape this summer, they’ve been incredibly hospitable and generous in allowing me to come over and enjoy the pool on these warm and sunny days. (Some of them have been very, very hot, and the pool felt especially good on those days!)

To show that Cousin Shane and I are more alike than not, neither of ever learned how to swim. Oddly enough, I’ve always enjoyed being in the water, whether boating or just bopping around in the ocean or a pool. I just like to be able to touch bottom with my toes, and I don’t like having my head underwater. I’ve tried to be a little more adventurous, and got dunked by the ocean waves a few times in Florida. I also took a spill this past weekend, and got a snootful of water (man, I hate that). But Shane and I kind of encourage each other, and we get on our floaty noodles and head out to the deep end. Matt and Ken are also very encouraging, and Matt told me, “You’re probably swimming more than you realize.” That gave me the rather silly and unrealistic notion that I was hanging out in the pool like a boss. Fuck, yeah.
Anyway, it’s really been a lot of fun, and this past weekend, they even had a pool party! They cooked burgers and brats, and I took baked beans and some munchies, and others brought snacks and desserts. Everything was really good, despite some afternoon rain. Later in the day, it cleared up enough that some of us were able to hop in the pool for a little while. They had enough food left over that they decided on Round Two the following day, and it ended up being just the four of us and Sherri, a friend from Shane’s work--she was really cool and nice and funny!

We’ve got a few more good days before they close up the pool around Labor Day, and I hope to get over there once or twice more. It’s been some very pleasant days with great company, great talk, relaxation, and listening to some great music. Thanks, Shane and Matt! You guys are peaches! We hope to return the favor later in September, with a little cookout and perhaps a bonfire. We should be getting into some good bonfire weather around that time!

I hope your summer has been as pleasant. Those of us who live in a northern climate know how the winding down of summer feels, and it is very much a bittersweet feeling. It seems like they go by faster and faster, too. I love the advent of football, but I hate to say goodbye to summer. ::sigh::


  1. The fun radiates through the picture..! I can't swim but I like to 'frolic' in the water... when I don't get all lemming-like and start walking out into the deep end/ocean without a floatie..!

  2. it does look like you all had a blast. i can swim pretty well but i HATE how it feels to be floating or the feeling of being under pressure when i put my head under water. i seriously think the only reason i learned to swim was so i could jump off the diving board and go straight in the water feet first- i liked the splashing and the sting of my feet breaking through the water. i would always try to jump 'harder' so i could spring back up to the surface faster.


  3. I'm embarrassed. Where I live on the SC coast, we love Spring and Fall, dread summer (90/90 - temperature/humidity), and tend to wish it away. But then I remember living in Alaska and how precious every single day of summer was to us there. Thanks for letting us share your enjoyment!

  4. I can't take another cold winter. So much of the summer weather is ruined by the melancholy feeling of knowing it will be replaced soon by bitter cold.

  5. It has been really fun to go and chill, looking forward to a few more.

  6. Glad that you are taking the time to eb=njoy. Fall is now almost here. In fact it is cold alreadt in TO.


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