Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Last nerve grated

Last NerveI don’t know if it’s the heat and humidity, or just the political climate, but I have just about had it.

As I’ve read things online over the past couple of days, I realized that I was just really damn tired of debating. I’m tired of the discussions, I’m tired of trying to talk about it, and I’m tired of the whole dysfunctional stupid process.

Add to that a crappy stupid email I got this morning that was incredibly presumptuous and assumed some things about me without actually knowing me, a stupid and totally unnecessary diagnosis on a kid in the family who had no control over it, and a stupid horrible dream about being chased by zombies (at least I was able to outrun them), and I am what some might call ON EDGE.

Part of my morning routine is checking all my feeds and catching up on the latest political news and commentary. I had no stomach for it today. I put it off until the afternoon, and I still had no stomach for it. I put it off until the evening, and I finally just marked everything as read, because I was just so sick of all of it.

I have had it with people thinking that they know me and assuming that because I have opinions that differ from theirs, that means that I just haven’t thought about it enough. That my opinions on politics are simply the parroting of liberal pundits, and that I am somehow incapable of forming my own thoughts and opinions on matters. I’m tired of some people not listening to me when I give them valid advice. I am especially sick and tired of anyone who thinks that I haven’t really thought about my views on religion, and that I haven’t thoroughly pondered them over forty fucking years. Like I just woke up one day and said I wasn’t going to believe any of it. And I’m sick of anyone who thinks that they can judge me about not having children, without knowing my history or what has happened in my life.

This is about a negative entry as you’ll ever see from me, because I generally just go about my business and do my own thing. But I have my limits, and I have been pushed to them at the moment. (And for anyone who wonders, I am NOT on the rag. I suggest you not ask that.) I don’t whine...I get pissed. And woe unto those who push me on it.

For the next few days, I plan on just hunkering down and keeping to myself, reading and enjoying some peace and quiet outside. Like a wounded animal, I’m feeling all bitey, and it’s best to not reach out a hand to pat me on the head. I spent a wonderful afternoon with Shane and Matt on Monday, and we hung out in the pool and just talked and laughed and listened to music. I hope for another afternoon like that this week, and that will go a long way towards easing my mind and my achy psyche.


  1. The biggest reason I value your opinions re: politics and religion is because of how much you think things through, research, and give well thought out opinions. I say, to hell with those who don't "get" you. You rock, plain and simple. If some don't see it, it's their loss. (((hugs)))

  2. It isn't you... there is a lot of that going around. People with small-minds have received the okay to spread their impolite ignorance because the past has been erased and we all only know what Glen Beck tells us.

    If you had told me as a kid that this was the kind of thinking I would grow up and have to face, I would have laughed. But it is and to think for yourself or not have an opinion that follows the orthodoxy set you up for either an intervention by missionaries...

    The reason that I believe people may think you have not 'thought enough about things' could be their own lack of critical thinking and ability to form their own opinions.

    Sometimes it seems as though the metaphor of comparing the herd thinking of today to the zombies from Romero's 'Night of the Living Dead' would fit... or maybe the end of the remake of 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers' where the lady saw Donald Sutherland's character and assumed he was still human...

  3. Best to just ignore those types who suggest or imply that you haven't thought things through. I'm willing to bet they know damn well you've thought things through and deep down they're intimidated. I wouldn't waste a minute on their petty "assessments" or smug "advice" ... it's probably just a subtle smoke screen to shield themselves from free thinking, anyhow.

  4. Beth I have always enjjoyed your views...might not be mine at times..but who cares we are all in this world together and if we only ever mixed with the folks with the same views as ourselves what a mighty sad place we would live in..Just you take a breather and come back ...QUiCK...I need my fix of your sensible, sometimes ranting, raving words LOL ....even if I don't always comment I am always here...Only wish I had your way with words ..
    love Sybil x

  5. It's funny how 113 degree temperatures fine tune my anger and hatred. I read about the con who called Obama a "tar baby" and pretty much exploded.

  6. between the heat, the political mess and some stuff going on with one of my friend's kids, i feel like my last nerve is on edge too. time for metal and swears because it's been one of those days here too. my head hurts because i feel so powerless to change anything that i am pissed off about.

    here's to hopes of an early fall....


  7. Isn't it funny how the people who disagree with us the most don't believe we know what we're talking about and yet expect us to believe they know all.

    Like I say, it's not the heat, it's the stupidity.

  8. Feeling equally snarly, here. It's been a horrible summer for the average American.

    Keeping my hands to myself, standing nearby over here in silent support. Peace, sister.

  9. It is frustrating, all that is going on. I feel like I am in a grand funk!

  10. Beth--bottom line is there are just so many fucking stupid people in this world.


    to hell with all of them, i say.


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