Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Perfectly said

99 percentNo matter how hard I try, on here or on Bookface discussions, I will never be able to articulate how I feel about the Occupy protests as well as this guy does: Open Letter to that 53% Guy.

After dealing this evening with someone who said that part of the demands of the Occupiers included the right to shit on police cars and to have sex on the streets, I have to wonder about the mental soundness of anyone who would misinterpret the movement in such a ridiculous way.

I honestly can’t understand the willingness of some to just bend over and take it and think that because they were raised to believe in the “American dream” (whatever that means anymore) it’s perfectly okay to work two jobs or 60+ hours in order to make it happen. You might want to check the rulebook (that Constitution thingy) and realize that you are not indentured servants and that you should not have to work yourselves to death in order to make a decent life for yourself and your family.

It’s nothing I haven’t written before, but I give Mr. Udargo credit for saying it better than I’ve ever been able to say it.

Now a little music. Since someone said that our demands include the right to have sex on the streets, let’s all dance to Pizzaman!


  1. Beth, I think the reason stories like these get so heavily promoted... and unfortunately believed by the gullible, is that Faux Noise and like-minded websites are so good at spin...

    I have no problem with someone of "the 53%" touting their achievements, that is, UNTIL they denigrate others saying they are lazy, stupid, etc.

    We both know that not everyone has the same resources, circumstances, abilities, connections (you know... who you know--not what you know) and let's face it... luck.

    Keep batting them back at them... some of these guys teflon coating is not as impervious as they think.

  2. It is amazing how many people are fooled into thinking that this is how it should be... working two crap jobs and feeling that you are quickly getting nowhere as you do... they have been brainwashed into thinking that this is how it is supposed to be and that working hard for others to become rich for doing little of nothing.

    I don't know what to say because I am at a loss for words. The top 1% has the so-called 53% fooled that it is the other 47%, their friends, neighbors and children who are the ones bringing the economy to a halt.

    One of the reasons I thought the tax rates were so high was specifically to keep the economy moving... but that is me... *sigh* the inanity of people like the cat in the photo and a few bloggers that I read who don't even try to get it... proud to watch Faux News exclusively and unable to hold more than one thought in their mind that does not fit the spin that they have already digested... Ugh!

  3. That was an amazing response in the Open Letter.

  4. I agree, Max Udargo sums it all up very well.

    As for the beliefs of some as to what the occupiers demands are, what's wrong with people that they are willing to believe any bizarre statement that is floated about in cyber space? A whole lot of folks must have been dropped on their heads as infants.

  5. My cousin's wife is the coordinator of the Chicago group. She has been interviewed numerous times and always explains the Occupy movement very clearly and succinctly. There is no excuse for people to misunderstand; they're doing so on purpose because they just don't want to understand.


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