Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Some things never change

Leopard changing spotsAfter no interaction for quite some time with a certain “actor” in our little play of life, it was decided to raise a concern via email. While the tone on our end wasn’t friendly (there’s really no point in it now), the response was laughably typical.

“I am responding in an overwrought way to YOUR email and would like to remind you that YOU are the one who sent it. I am telling a couple of lies here without realizing that YOU have documentation that they are lies. I am rewriting my OWN version of how things happened and it doesn’t matter what YOU think. I am placing upon you sole responsibility in a situation that I brought about through my OWN actions, anger, words, and inability to let go of a grudge or accept that there are some people that really don’t want to be friends with me because of the way I behaved towards them, but I will NEVER take any responsibility for that. I am going to blame you for being friends with someone who I think is a bad person because of what I say they did, even though you were never given any clue by anyone involved that it was happening, and because I’ve lied about so many things in the past, you don’t believe me now. That is on YOU, not me, and I take no responsibility in the matter. I don’t care if you think I should have mentioned something at the time because you say that you would have done whatever you could to make sure everyone was safe. It’s all YOUR fault. Now I am going to deliberately misinterpret something you wrote about having a party and I’m going to make sure that everyone involved thinks that you hate them and want nothing to do with them. And THAT is on you. NOT ME.”

I think that sums it up pretty well. I’ll eventually write more about this, but that will do for now. It’s a matter of basically all contact being cut off, being told explicitly that no contact is wanted, and then being bitched at because…there is no contact. If someone tells you, with no equivocation whatsoever, that no contact is wanted, and previous attempts have been unsuccessful or thwarted, I’m not sure what a person is supposed to do. I’m really not. But the “actor” in question seems quite happy with the situation, and that tells me plenty about their fucked-up state of mind.

Yes, I will definitely celebrate when all dealings are done, but it’s not because I am unhappy or pissed about meeting obligations. No problem there. The duty will be met. What I will be celebrating is finally being shut of this person and their chumbucket of nastiness, negativity, and Machiavellian scheming. THAT will be a cause for dancing in the streets of Nutwood, believe me!

In the meantime, in this world full of uncertainty and change, there is something oddly and pathetically humorous to me in seeing that there are people in this world who will never alter their approach to others and to life in general. They just keep on keepin’ on, and it doesn’t matter how much they fail in hanging onto relationships or in making lasting connections with others; no, they just continue their same modus operandi of trying to catch flies with vinegar. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a complete lack of self-awareness. You’d think that the trail of devastation left in their wake would make them take a long hard look at how they treat people. Apparently not. They forge ahead and continue to fuck people up—even those closest to them—with their actions.

What a legacy. Jesus jumped-up Christ on a sidecar.


  1. Especially love the last line. The chumbucket was my second favorite :o)

  2. People suck and there are too many of them -- just ONE of the reasons I'm pro-choice!

  3. I guess some people would rather try to pull a person down into their little misery and drama no matter what... the world revolves around them and that will never change, no matter what is at stake and who their warp view of reality inconvenience or hurts the most...


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