Monday, November 14, 2011

A brief programming note

11-22-63I still have tons (one might even say ‘loads and loads,’ right Shane?) of pictures to edit, and much to write about our recent vacation, but this past week, I got the second part of my birthday present in the mail, thanks to my sister Diana and her husband Tom. It’s the new Stephen King novel, and although I can’t pinpoint the exact time that it happened (I think it was sometime around noon today), I have reached that wonderful tipping point in a book when I am completely (and happily) ensnared. I’m having a hard time getting anything else done because I don’t want to stop reading this book. As King himself wrote in a line that I marked as one of my favorites, “That’s the curse of the reading class. We can be seduced by a good story at the least opportune moments.”

The story has seduced me, and I plan on spending lots of quality time with this book as I work my way through it. Once I’ve had my way with it and I’m spent, I’ll be back here to get some pictures posted and relive our Philadelphia and New York experiences.

Until then, carry on, citizens.


  1. Looks like a winner..! I am going to head to the library this weekend and see if it is there..!

  2. This'll get me booed off the stage, but I've never read a Stephen King novel. I was under the thickheaded impression that he only wrote in the horror genre and I've always been thoroughly horrified already. The cover's hooked me and I trust your judgement and I'm captured by that King quote, so I'll get it as soon as I finish E.O. Wilson's Anthill, which I'm sure you'd like.

  3. i am just starting "under the dome" rejoined my library after a break.not been reading much because of this thing i am typing on.somehow i dont think i shall be on much for the next week or so.also borrowed Liseys story.looks promising too.just finished Terry Pratchetts latest,snuff,actually paid cash for that,lol. tc Beth.i do pop by now n then,just somehow i lost the habit of blogger. xx

  4. I expect to start it in the next day or two. Now, off to finish the Litigator.


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