Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Motivation: I haz none

MotivationWhere the heck did the day go?

As I think back on it, I realize that I got quite a bit done. I got some final Christmas gifts, did the grocery shopping, did my workout like a good girl, got some dishes washed, did a load of laundry, and no, I didn’t sit on the couch and flip channels while drinking beer...but it seems like there’s still so much I need to do. I’m a little bit lost in Electronica, because I’m almost halfway through Book #51, and we also got ourselves some smartphones, so I’ve been messing around with that.

I think what is weighing on me is that now that we have the tree up (Yes, it’s artificial, yes, it’s a CHRISTmas tree but we don’t go to church...so sue me! Ha!) I know it’s time to start wrapping. I had intended to start that today, but despite the other things I got done, I procrastinated about that particular task. I’ve written before about how I don’t enjoy wrapping. I’ve tried fun Christmas music (I’m partial to the Rat Pack, and the Brian Setzer Orchestra), I’ve tried beer, but nothing makes it especially enjoyable for me. Part of it is because once I start, I don’t really want to stop until I’m done with it. So I spend an entire afternoon doing nothing but wrapping.

It’s enough to drive anyone stark raving mad.

So maybe I’ll change it up a little bit this year. I’ve got a couple of weeks before Christmas, so no one but me is dictating how much time per day I spend on it. Why not do a couple of hours, and then be done for the day? That will make my psyche AND my back happy. And maybe I’ll sip on Greyhounds as I wrap, so that I get some Vitamin C while I ease the pain. And instead of listening to Christmas music, maybe I’ll pop in a movie that I really enjoy or a guilty pleasure movie, like “Psycho” or “Road House.” (Although I just watched both of those recently, so I should find something else. “Footloose” is a definitely possibility.)

As far as I know, there isn’t some sort of Christmas Rule Book that dictates what constitutes a proper Christmas. My family hasn’t done the traditional little cottage Christmas in the little village for some time now; for several years, we did Christmas Bingo, where we all contributed fun little prizes and Mom and Dad contributed envelopes of money (anywhere from $1 to the rare $50 prize), but we all finally agreed that we just had too much “stuff” (miss you, George Carlin!) and stopped doing that. Last year, we all gave to the charities of our choice. Our family Christmas dinner is usually lasagna, but this year there is talk of a taco party. Ken and I have mimosas while opening presents. I think we’ll stick with that particular tradition, because it’s a delicious one.

I’m all for whatever works for you and your family. If you’re into the whole traditional Christmas thingy, knock yourself out. I think I’ll just make my own kinda music, sing my own special song, which might be something by the Stones rather than Bing Crosby...and I think that we’ll manage to have a good time no matter what. Life is funny—and fun!—that way.


  1. I recommend only wrapping as long as the Greyhound last, then that is it for the day.

  2. You'll be hearing from my lawyer, missy!!
    I have no tree, I buy no gifts, but I did order myself an iPhone and a Mac Mini. So countersue ME for being a scrooge, but buying presents for myself!!

  3. Since I have not felt up to speed this season I am going to keep my comment short. Hopefully the Greyhounds help and you find your way back to snuff soon!

  4. We've got a tree and a menorah. (Boyfriend: Catholic; Me: Jewish turned Atheist). For me, the holiday season is about being cozy and buying myself stuff (new car, clothes, cruise). But, mostly it's about drinking hot chocolate with Peppermint Schnapps and Whipped Cream. May little, baby, Jesus rest in peace while the rest of us get properly hammered!

  5. I know a guy in New York City who has a gift wrapping business. So send all your "stuff" to NY and forget about it.

  6. Mimosas? Lasagna? Taco party? Beth, keep this up and you'll find the two of us at your doorstep for the holidays.Fuck tradition, go with what you love and makes you happy for the holidays.:)


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