Sunday, January 8, 2012

Chillin’ in the Retro Lounge

Beth and Shane2Last night, we had the inaugural soirée in what I have christened Nutwood Retro Lounge. You might recall a recent post where I posted pictures of what I did with the basement...we got some great ‘60s-era furniture from Cousin Doug, and we set up a little conversation area.

My niece Jennifer is in town, visiting from San Diego, so we had her and Shane and Matt over. Even though we have the extra seating in the basement now, our house is still pretty small, and I think the most people we’ve had over here at once is six. It was a fun group, and we had lots to talk about and lots of laughs. Loads and loads, right guys? (Private joke!) I made munchie food, so we all chowed on that (there is plenty more to eat tonight!), then retired to the Retro Lounge. I played some lounge music on the hi-fi (haha), and we played some pool and some ping pong.

At one point, we returned upstairs to watch a few minutes of the Republican debate, and damned if we didn’t end up watching the whole thing! We’re all like-minded individuals when it comes to politics, so we had fun yelling at the TV. Only in the Riches house do we make a political debate a part of the party! We did take my niece Heather’s (Jen’s sister) advice, though, and made a drinking game out of it. Every time Mittens smirked, we had to drink. I was feeling no pain by the end of the debate, I can tell you that!

Then we headed back down to the basement for more ping pong, although I think our games were more than a little affected by Mittens’ smarmy smirk. We switched over to some funk music and had fun dancing around to that, we did some FaceTime with Heather and her family in San Diego--wish they could have joined us!--and before we knew it, it was well after 2 a.m. Shane and Matt headed home after hugs all around, and Jen stayed the night.

All in all, I was pleased with the shindig. I think everyone had fun, and I wish Heather and Jen lived closer! I’m glad we get to do so many things with Shane and Matt, though. We found out that they also have tickets to the upcoming Rat Pack show (that was one of my Christmas presents from Ken!), and we are planning on having dinner together before the show. I want to try a new place, and it’s fun checking on new restaurants downtown and trying to decide where to go. There’s a new one in a former bank, a wine bar, a tequila bar, an oyster bar...decisions, decisions!

I hope your Saturday evening was as pleasant, pallies, and that you got to be cool cats and kitties in your own little retro lounge.


  1. It was fun, you did a great job creating the lounge!

  2. Love that you gave a genre list of the music on FB but I'm still in need of an exact playlist. ;-)

    And the debate? Got a text from a friend this morning. He said that it's time for him to end his 15-year relationship with the Republican party. Stuff must have been pretty bad. I was busy trying to catch up on sleep after fighting the flu for more than the week and having to take a test at 8 AM yesterday.

    Looking forward to seeing more from the Nutwood Lounge.

  3. Sounds like a pretty fun night. :)

  4. I can think of no more pleasant way to view the debates than this one you've described. We all benefit from your Retro Lounge.

    And that tight, little "you poor idiot, don't you wish you had my bucks" smile Romney plasters on when somebody is dissing him? Is that the look? Or does that one deserve a new name all its own?

  5. Looks like fun. Glad you all had a good time.


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