Monday, February 13, 2012

Chow down!

Eating crowI was tidying up my computer today and came across something I’d saved that was written by a right-winger, apparently planning on writing about it at some point--and now I am, after three years! This was after President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize, and the right winger was none too pleased. After the usual teabagger-style objections, they wrote this:

We shall all be pleased to see the distinguished peace award recipient kneel down in the final presence of Osama bin Laden when that glorious day finally arrives.

Wow. You know, I think I actually chortled when I read that. Or maybe it was more of a slightly evil ‘heh heh heh.’

I’m not going to get into a huge discussion about whether or not he deserved the Nobel Peace Prize. I do understand the disparity of a leader whose country was, at the time, in the midst of two wars (although he didn’t start them, of course) being awarded the prize. I do, however, question the author’s assumption that they have any right to ridicule the organization’s choice. It’s not an American organization, and they are certainly above our partisan politics. I also understand that President Obama’s election was met with much rejoicing around the world, in the hopes that America would once again take a leadership role instead of bullying other countries into submission.

We spent eight years under a trigger-happy cowboy who thought that sledgehammer diplomacy was a dandy way to deal with other nations. It’s no wonder we became so resented and reviled around the world. I think the Nobel committee recognized the optimism generated by Obama’s election and based their decision on that. I haven’t always been happy with some of our President’s decisions, but I think he has done his best to extricate us as soon as possible from these ill-conceived and ridiculous wars.

Eating crow2I’m going to guess that the person who wrote that was quick to say that Obama killed bin Laden by building on the intelligence gathered by agencies under Bush. Really? Let’s go to the videotape!

“I’m really not that concerned about him.” Bush gave up on finding him. Obama didn’t. Obama acted on intelligence reports and gave the order that took him out. By all accounts, it was a bold decision, one that some of his advisers didn’t want him to make. Much credit goes to the Navy SEALS who executed the operation, but only a fool would refuse to accept that they acted on President Obama’s direction, or acknowledge that bin Laden’s death happened on Obama’s watch.

Not much kneeling happening on the part of President Obama, was there?

Now, to your meal, disrespectful right winger. With crow, I highly recommend a nice Cabernet Sauvignon, one with a hint of black cherry and shoe leather. I think you’ll find it most pleasing. I know I’ll enjoy imagining you eating it!


  1. Haha. Shoe leather.

    But yeah, W undermined US diplomacy beyond belief. During his years in office, I was glad that I can pass for Cuban or Bajan in the rest of the world. Anything but American. In the past I would be almost insulted when people thought I was anything but American. The W years taught me to embrace these other identities. And my mother has told me that a lot of ex-pats who could do so, followed suit.

    When I was in high school, I had a discussion about willingness to give up one's citizenship. My friends thought that it was crazy that I, an African American woman, would actually entertain the thought. Now I wonder how many of them feel the same as I did back then -- that we live in a country that doesn't really support our interests; we are the outsiders. And I try my best to not be pissed off with those who are now in the "life boat" with me who said 20-30 years ago that I was overreacting. Really?

  2. I was a bit chagrined that Obama won the Peace Prize simply because I figured he hadn't done anything at the time to earn it. But, they didn't ask me.

    Clearly Obama has done a remarkable job with regard to decimating the terrorist network. There simply isn't any question about that.


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