Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Come on down!

Sheeba picksWe have our winners for the journal giveaway!

After a fun dinner out with Shane and Matt, we came home and Sheeba reminded us that we needed to take care of business and LIGHT THIS CANDLE!

Well, he didn’t really put it that way, but we knew what he meant.

I got the names all chopped up and into the hat (my leopard print hat...Sheeba approved), and Ken assisted Sheeba in the drawing of two names.

Without further ado, the two winners are [imagine trumpet fanfare in your mind] my Facebook friend Tim Ellis and none other than Cousin Shane! Oddly enough, they both entered the drawing TODAY. Coincidence?? Yes, of course it was coincidence.

Obviously, I already have Cousin Shane’s address (and I will probably just drive five minutes or so and deliver it in person), and I will be contacting Tim via Facebook to find out where to send his journal.

Thanks to everyone for participating, and I hope to do more giveaways in the future!


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