Tuesday, May 15, 2012


EnchiladaAnother gorgeous day, even warmer than yesterday. It was a little too warm to stay in the sun for long, but I enjoyed some reading time in the shade, too. I will probably get to the point where I want to be inside a little more when it really gets hot and humid (although we don’t have central air, the ceiling fan feels pretty good), but for now, the last thing I want to do is sit inside on the computer when it’s like this. I love this time of year!

To go along with the hot day, I decided to make a hot dish. Whenever we go out to one of the local Mexican restaurants, Hacienda (it’s a local franchise, it’s far from authentic, and there are others that I like better, but this place does super yummy margaritas), I always get the adobo enchiladas. I always think that I should get something different, but I love these stupid things so much that I haven’t been able to bring myself to order something else, at least so far. I thought I’d try them at home, and found a recipe. It called for ground beef rather than shredded (like I get at the restaurant), but I think it will still be tasty. They’re all put together and just waiting to go into the oven for 20 minutes or so. I tried the adobo sauce after I got it made, and oh man...I’m going to be pouring sour cream and sangria down my gullet like there’s no tomorrow! This shit is SPICY! Ken loved it, of course. haha

That’s not my picture, by the way. After I got them all ready for the oven, I didn’t feel ambitious enough to take a picture and edit it. But they’ll look pretty much like that!

I picked up a new microwave today after a rather scary incident the other evening. I was melting some butter, like I’ve done many times, and suddenly, the microwave went ZZZZZZ and there were flashes like there was arcing...but there was definitely no metal in the butter or in the glass measuring cup I was using! Kinda freaked us both out, and although it did continue working when I used it afterwards, we both agreed that we weren’t messing around with a wonky microwave. I’ve had this one since before Ken and I even met, so I had no qualms about getting a new one. You served long and well, Kenmore, but it’s time for you to rest!

Cousin Shane is on vacation this week, so tomorrow I’m having lunch with him and Matt at Pat’s Bar in LaPaz (the place where Shane and I went a while back...it’s been there since we were kids growing up in this area). I’m looking forward to a fun chat with them and lots of laughs, as always! We have much to discuss, and I know we’ll have a good time. Thursday morning, I’ll be helping my Mom out with her garage sale. Argh...but I’m happy to help Mom. I’ll be able to chat with her, and I’ll take my Kindle along, too. Perhaps there will be some interesting people and fun adventures to share. Or not.


  1. LOL. I would have told your Midwestern gullet to stay away from most Adobo recipes. I can handle them but I've found that the average American finds Adobo to be way too spicy. Which is why I hate food in chains because it's been made way too bland for my taste. Come out here and I'll put you through tastebud boot camp.

  2. The "Adobe" was yummy, looking forward to the second wave :o)


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