Saturday, June 23, 2012

So long, Jack

Repairman JackToday we just took it easy in the morning, then did our workouts. After that, Ken headed out to mow the lawn (it really wasn’t in too bad of shape, even after about a month), and despite a setback with one of the belts, was able to get it done. I did my best to help as he tried to get the new belt on, but I’m afraid I couldn’t help very much.

After a few minor chores inside, I sat out on the deck to enjoy the nice day and continue reading my current book, Nightworld by F. Paul Wilson. It was originally published in 1992, but Mr. Wilson reworked it to reflect the adventures of the main character, Repairman Jack, over the years.

If you don’t know Jack (see what I did there?), I highly recommend the couple of dozen novels in the Jack/Adversary cycle. I’ve written about Jack before, and I still think he is one of the best characters in modern fiction. He’s a “fixer,” but becomes entangled in forces larger than he’d ever imagined. The survival of our little corner of the universe is at stake, and this reworked novel is the culmination of that struggle between a malevolent force and a somewhat indifferent one.

This was a great read, and I burned through the last 200 pages this afternoon. If you’re interested (and I really recommend this series!), here is the full list of Repairman Jack novels and short stories. We’re not done with Jack yet, because Mr. Wilson is planning on writing three “interim” novels, which will take place in time between the three young adult novels and the numerous Jack-as-adult novels.

Great book, great character, great writing. Check it out!


  1. I think you were a little "jacked up" after you finished this novel!!

  2. Sad this is the end of the road, but I look forward to finishing the journey.


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