Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Be afraid

Screaming womanOver the past few days, I’ve found myself feeling more engaged politically. Don’t get me wrong—I’ve been reading things all along and doing my best to keep up with the latest. However, I finally feel like I am in battle mode, ready to start taking things on.

Maybe it was the Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Care Act; maybe it was President Obama’s wish to extend the middle class tax cuts; maybe it’s a matter of seeing the lies and misrepresentations about the President, the ACA, and pretty much everything else about him. It probably doesn’t matter what it is, but it seems that my dander is up.

As always, I will do my best to remain calm and rational, and to not lose my temper. I will do my best to not use completely insulting or pejorative terms (although “Mittens” is here to stay). But I’m ready to fight the lies with facts. I don’t claim to be an expert in politics, or any kind of policy wonk, but I’m not completely in the dark about it, either.

I will also do my best to not make it all politics all the time here, and try to mix it up a little. We’ve got lots of fun things coming up, including several concerts and tickets to all the Notre Dame home football games. I’ve got plenty of books to get to, and of course, we always love our movies. However, you can expect plenty of political stuff going forward.

You have been warned. [grin]


  1. I look forward to your spirited reports from the precincts near the front lines of the culture wars!!

  2. Oh no!
    Not politics!
    I.Hate.Politics! [sarcasm font]

  3. not that this has anything remotely to do with your entry, but i just realized you have a batman icon on that tabby thing that tells you what pages you have open on the browser. how cool is that!


  4. Ah, Beth, it's good to see your dander twirling above your head.


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