Monday, January 21, 2013

Today was a good day

Inauguration3Despite the frigid temperatures here today, I was feeling all warm and fuzzy as I watched President Obama’s inauguration ceremony. I’ve been watching all day. The CNN coverage I’m watching now is incredibly annoying, but I’m going to keep watching.

I was very pleased with the President’s inaugural address, and most of my fellow progressives were also pleased. It reminded me all over again why I supported him early on. It was after I read The Audacity of Hope, and I felt that he articulated perfectly the direction in which
I wanted our country to go. I liked and agreed with his vision then, and I still like and agree with it. I remain hopeful that he will be able to get several important things done in this term, and I will do all I can to support him.

A happy day. Here’s to a productive and prosperous four years, and beyond...for ALL Americans.


  1. It's been interesting to be in Sweden this week and see the American political picture through the eyes of Europeans -- socialists, no less. They cannot understand why Americans do not want everyone to have health care, why we hold such bigoted opinions about gays, and, for heaven's sake, why some deny the science of global warming.

  2. It was a great day Beth! I know it is a lot of show for one day, but the entire day set the tone it needed to to make me happy with the direction I think his second term will take. It is also very nice to see a first family so happy together and a First Lady and President so much in love and not afraid to show that. I'll take that over bone head's (questionable)constant stream of tears every time.


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