Thursday, August 22, 2013

And now…a song

I ran errands this morning and got a little behind on stuff, so while I continue to work on getting my Chicago pictures sorted out (Cubs game coming to this space soon!), please enjoy this musical interlude. It’s a sweet song from Green Day called “F.O.D.” This is not a message to any of my friends, by any means! I just dig the attitude.

Something's on my mind
It's been for quite some time
This time I'm on to you
So where's the other face?
The face I heard before
Your head trip's boring me

Let's nuke the bridge we torched
2,000 times before
This time we'll blast it all to hell
I've had this burning in my guts now
For so long
My belly's aching now to say

Stuck down in a rut of dislogic and smut
A side of you well hid
When it's all said and done
It's real and it's been fun
But was it all REAL fun?

You're just a fuck
I can't explain it 'cause I think you suck
I'm takin' pride
In telling you to fuck off and die

Goood niiiiiiiiight…

Then I was thinking that nobody does the rage face sneer like Billie Joe...but then I thought of some other guys.

Billie Joe rage
Billy Idol
Elvis sneer
Sid Vicious

And THEN I made you a poll. Who doesn’t love a good pollin’, amirite? If you vote for “Other,” you have to be fair and say who you think does the Sneer better.

Who has the best sneer?
Billy Idol
Billie Joe Armstrong
Elvis Presley
Sid Vicious
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  1. I am glad that it is not even close... I don't think that anyone captured the look like Billy... it is just as much an iconic look as the cover of London Calling by the Clash is... if you want to see what punk looked like, those are the two images that are viscerally burned into my mind as 'punk'...


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