Thursday, August 1, 2013


Window lickerI read an article today from Wonkblog titled “Inside the Obamacare resistance.” It tells of the various right wing and teabagger groups that are encouraging young people to not sign up for the healthcare exchanges.

Let me write that again: they are encouraging young people to not sign up for the healthcare exchanges.

In an effort to make it seem like a real protest, they are channeling Vietnam war protesters by printing up bogus “Obamacare” cards that look like draft cards and telling kids to burn them.

I cannot even begin to tell you how disgusting I find this. First of all, they are equating the healthcare exchanges with a war-time draft. These are completely different things, and trying to conflate the two is nothing more than ridiculous rhetoric and circus-style showmanship.

Second, they are getting some of these kids (apparently some real dumbass kids, but even dumbass kids deserve healthcare) to go against their best interests. Shouldn’t the goal be to get everyone to have access to affordable healthcare? Instead, these punkass window lickers are encouraging kids to go against something that will be beneficial to their health, wellbeing, and financial prospects. I think most of us know someone personally or through others who has had to declare bankruptcy because of medical bills. No one deserves that, and these groups are encouraging kids to take that risk! Assholes!

One has to wonder why they hate the Affordable Care Act so much. The only answer I can come up with is that it is because A) they have a complete lack of understanding of what it will and will not do or 2) they hate President Obama and want to see him fail in every possible way. Probably a combination of both.

Whether it’s Congress pursuing policies that don’t work (ask Europe how austerity economics is working for them) or purposefully not acting on bills designed to nudge the economy in the right direction, or these dickweeds telling kids to not sign up for affordable health insurance, I’ve just about had it with the whole damn lot of them.

[throwing a metaphorical chair across the room]


  1. i went to the capital and saw part of one of the state senate hearings on medicare expansion. i don't think people realize that if we improve health care access for ALL, costs will go down- just in the same manner that if we raise the minimum wage, then dependence on social programs, like food stamps, will also decrease.

    they must be talking to young people who were already born with a silver spoon in their mouths and who have never wanted for naught.


  2. ... no, their zealotry is fueled by racism and ignorance... it has to be something that has great emotional appeal to a low intellect, low information person to make them go against their own best interest...

    (btw... I DON'T believe that fast food workers deserve a 'living wage' increase... THAT would be rewarding poor decision making and sending one big f*ck you to anyone who works to improve their own lives... I'm getting verklempt, so discuss amongst yourselves!)

  3. And they worry about the gays recruiting... sounds like the tea baggers are signing them up right and left!

    Love the foto of Sheeba licking the window... Jack used to do that to the shower door every time I got out!


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