Monday, September 16, 2013

A world gone mad

Angry gifI’m trying really hard to find my Happy Place™ today.

Everything started off well, I was having a mellow day, and although I caught the news of the latest shooting—the LATEST!—online, I chose not to turn on the news at all. I just got my updates online and tried not be be immersed in it.

However, later I posted an update on Facebook, something to the effect of how there will be the usual outpouring of rage and disgust, but we’ll end up doing exactly nothing, just like we always do. A few friends commented, and then there was a comment from someone (now a former friend) about how it’s our mentality as a nation (he’s not from here) and he hoped he offended some liberals, and liberals can “suck it.” My friend of at least 15 years, Raquel, told him to fuck off.

Then the shit really hit the fan. He called her a “dullard,” another friend weighed in and didn’t like what he had to say, so he attacked HER and called her ignorant, called liberals assholes, and blah di fucking blah. That was it for me, and I said that you don’t get to come on an avowed liberal’s page and say “I hope I offend some liberals” and then get offended yourself when said liberals tell you to fuck off! Defriended and blocked. Then I got a message from an alternative account of his, rather threatening and quite creepy. Also blocked.

Somebody’s off their meds. I’ve never seen anyone react so virulently to Facebook nastiness. It was ridiculous, and good riddance. Way to harsh my mellow, dude. I don’t need or want the drama, so seriously...piss off.

After that, I tried to settle down a bit by watching more of my online class videos, and I enjoyed those quite a bit. One of the things the History of Rock prof talked about was TV and movies in the ‘50s, and how rock and roll began to be marketed. He mentioned the Elvis movie “Jailhouse Rock,” and that’s especially fun, because I’m going to a showing of that movie with our friend Doug tomorrow afternoon! It’s going to be at the fabulous State Theater, and I’m looking forward to it. If anything will get me in a happy mood, it will be this!


  1. I saw that at work on my phone, raised an eyebrow and figured I'd catch up as to what happened when I got home..oy..

  2. It's been a shitty day all around and now we are faced with another senseless tragedy. I think we're looking for sanity in an insane world and it's only going to get worse.

  3. I have no idea of what took place... I was at work and did not get the chance to follow any of the coverage... but I really don't care for how insulting people are on the internet... I can't imagine someone mouthing off like that to anyone in person...


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