Thursday, March 24, 2016

Look out for that volcano!

 We are off for Hawaii soon!

I have everything laid out and Ken is doing the packing tonight. Although he has been there once before, it will be my first time to our 50th state, and I’m quite excited about it.

We have some fun things we want to do, like a visit to Volcanoes National Park, a sunset boat ride, and checking out the big manta rays. There is a tiki bar in Kona that we must hit, and Ken will golf at least one day (I hope to go along and drive the cart). We will definitely do a luau. But mostly we’re just going to take it easy and see what adventures we can scare up. I’m sure we’ll hang out poolside and on the beach, and I got a couple of retro swimsuits (one with skulls!) that will be fun to wear. I’m taking my good binoculars so that I can do a little birding and maybe add a few to my Life List.

I’m sure we’ll eat fresh seafood until it’s coming out our ears. We probably have to eat some Spam at some point, too, don’t we?

I think I’m most excited about seeing the volcanoes. I have never seen one and I think it will be awe-inspiring. I told my sister that I will do my best not to fall into one, but wouldn’t that be a pretty awesome way to go? Talk about going out in a blaze of glory!

On the way out, we’ll get to have dinner with our friend Todd in San Francisco, and on the way back, we’ll spend a couple of days in San Diego to visit with our nieces Heather and Jen, Heather’s husband Rey and their son Liam, as well as Ken’s brother (Mike) and nephew (Adam), and Adam’s wife Kendra and their new baby. It’s going to be a busy but fun trip!

I will miss Sheeba, but Uncle Shane and Uncle Matt will take good care of him, as always.

I don’t know how much I’ll update here, but I’ll post photos on Facebook and update as I can.

It’s supposed to get down to 29° tonight, so I’m looking forward to plenty of warmth and sunshine.

Happy trails to us!

Photos from the resort website.


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