Saturday, October 15, 2016


Can’t touch this.

~~ M.C. Hammer

Because of that doctor in North Dakota who, when I was trying to draw blood from a male patient, put his hands around my waist and said to the patient, “I bet it doesn’t hurt as much when they’re as pretty as this one!”

Because of that guy in the lab who went around telling anyone who would listen exactly what he what he wanted to do to me.

Because of my ex-husband who, when saying he’d meet us back at the house, reached in the passenger side window and grabbed my boob in front of my sister-in-law.

Because of the guy in the bar who kept pushing his dick into my back until I turned around and told him to back the fuck off.

Because of the guy in college who didn’t back off when I said no and held me down until I physically pushed him off of me and got out of the room, and then kept coming to my dorm room and I had to hide in the closet while my roommate told him I wasn’t there.

Because of the narcissist I dated for five years and after I broke it off with him, I found out that he was dating several other women at the same time.

Because of another ex-boyfriend who called me a stupid cunt, and another ex who called me a cold-hearted bitch. (Why? Because I didn’t go to pieces when I broke it off with him. How dare I!)

Because of the online assholes who have called me things like “little lady” and said that I should get off my back, quit smoking pot, and get a job.

Because of every woman who has been belittled, dismissed, or assaulted, every woman who has had to put up with an asshole who thinks that he somehow has a right to treat us this way.

And because of every man who does not treat women that way and respects us as equals.

This is why Hillary Rodham Clinton needs to kick some Trump ass on November 8th.


  1. wow, i remember you telling me about a few of these events over the years but not all of them. it's really awful that anyone would have to deal with shit like this over and over again.

  2. I think even he realizes that may very well happen.

  3. Trump for prison!!!!!?????


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