Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Integrity deficient

You’re the kind of man who wants everyone to think
that he’s successful
So you talk about it, and you write about it,
and blah blah blah blah
But way deep down inside you’re afraid that you’re a fraud

~~ “Like Dogs” by The Rainmakers

Check one!
Instead of focusing on the Yam threatening to blow up North Korea, I’m going to write about something else. But that is really, really bad and someone (paging General Kelly!) needs to yank that goddamn phone out of his hand and smash it right in front of him and then rub his face in it until he fucking GETS IT ALREADY.

[deep breath]

I’m not going to write about that, though. It’s a little too horrifying for me to contemplate right now, anyway.

I’m going to write about another story I saw about how the Yam is “sending messages” to special counsel Robert Mueller, telling him how much he appreciates what he is doing. At least according to the Yam Legal Team (The Yamteam? The Yamyers?), anyway. Who knows anymore? They all lie like rugs. It seems pretty obvious that the Yam is very worried about this investigation and about what Mueller might find out. And well he should be.

So if he really is sending him notes (I made a joke on Facebook and Twitter about getting a leaked copy of one of the notes, seen above), it is probably part of an effort to butter Mueller up, suck up to him, and flatter him in a clumsy attempt to get him to go easy on him. This tells us a lot about the Yam.

First, he has no concept of personal and professional integrity. We saw this with James Comey (Jaaaaames). He tried to wine and dine Comey at the White House, calling him up just to see how he was doing, and then in return, expected a pledge of loyalty. When he didn’t get it, and when Comey continued with the investigation about Russia, he fired him.

Another gratuitous picture of James Comey
Second, and this is related to the first item, he also does not understand the concept of swearing an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution rather than pledging loyalty to any one person. As a businessman, he expected unfailing loyalty, and he just can’t grasp why he is not getting it from certain people in the FBI or the Department of Justice. They are not there to do your bidding, you tool, they are there to uphold the Constitution.

He just doesn’t get it. He doesn’t get the mission of the FBI and why they are and must be above partisan politics. (Some would argue this point, and I will debate that all damn day...but not on this day.)

All of these things are beyond his comprehension. He has no integrity so he does not understand it when he sees it in others. He expects loyalty from others but is incapable of exhibiting it himself. He loves the power of the presidency without understanding the great responsibilities with which it comes. (Someone slip him a Spiderman comic book, please.) He is stumbling through his presidency like a wounded bull, clueless and in pain, wanting to harm whatever stands in his way.

He is a damaged person.

And if he thinks that Robert Mueller will be swayed or softened by his platitudes about how the Yam appreciates what he is doing, he doesn’t understand people at all. A Marine and Vietnam veteran, a prosecutor, an FBI director so beloved by both parties that he was asked to stay on two years beyond his ten-year term, this guy has dealt with the worst dregs of society and humanity and maintained his sense of justice and integrity. I guarantee that Mueller doesn’t give one single fuck about your laudatory messages, Yamboy. He has lived a life of integrity and worked for the betterment of humanity and the ideal of justice for his entire career. He doesn’t need your little “attaboys” and is probably disgusted by them.

By all means, keep throwing that sop to Cerberus, Yammy...but Robert Mueller is coming for you. And I’m guessing that he is a man who does not suffer fools lightly.

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  1. I always appreciate your writing style, & I agree with some of your opinions about this.
    I do definitely think too much about N. Korea at present. Not only the current situation, but also, my mind is still drawn to Otto & his parents. I cannot quite think of his parents without tears.


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