Friday, November 14, 2008

Being bookish

Sorry if I've been a little scarce today!

I ran some errands this morning, and I was pleased with my tank top score at Walmart! They had some clearance racks set out, and I browsed through them real quick. I got a few nice workout tank tops, including a Danskin one, for a really reasonable price--I even got one for $1! Can't beat that with a stick. I'm not sure if it will be warm enough in the workout area this winter to wear them, but they'll be great for spring and summer.

After some puttering around here (I still want to replant Mr. Lucky Bamboo), I settled in (as did Sheeba, on my lap) and read the next story in the new Stephen King book. Wow, I was enthralled! King has been accused in the past of writing weak female characters, and that's probably a fair criticism, but I think he started changing that several years ago. Jesse Burlingame in Gerald's Game was a pretty tough cookie, and so was Dolores Claiborne. In his story "The Gingerbread Girl," I think Emily is another brave female character.

I've also noticed that several people have their Shelfari bookshelf on their sidebar, and I kind of liked the looks of that, so I've put one up, too. I kept it small...I didn't feel like adding the ENTIRE BOOKSHELF of books I have to read! So I kept it at three for now. I made my bookshelf black. I think it fits in better with the decor of my blog, don't you? Ha!

I get headlines from our local paper every morning, and I was very disturbed to read about a recent robbery in our area:

Police investigate bra theft at mall

Tribune Staff Writer

MISHAWAKA — Police are looking for three shoplifting suspects who apparently needed some support.

Just after 7 p.m. Thursday, police were called to the University Park Mall’s Victoria’s Secret store, where the store manager reported one man and two women had walked out with 40 bras.

Police say the team apparently walked out of the store with two drawers full of bras. At $40 each, the bras mean a $1,600 loss in merchandise. The store manager was unable to provide detailed descriptions of the suspects to police.

That's really frightening. I wonder if they just got tired of hanging out at the mall? I'm sure our local police will stay abreast of the case. There was a tip that the bandits were seen stuffing their faces at Hooter's but it was a falsie. There was one witness, but she was unable to give much of a description other than all three thieves had "pastie" complexions. I'm sure when they catch these boobs, our community will find it very uplifting to have them separated from their life of crime.

Hee hee! How could I resist? Feel free to continue in comments, if you have a few gems of your own that occur to you!


  1. If I did the book shelf thing in my Blog it would take up the whole space. I have so many to read and actually bought more yesterday at the Goodwill. I really need to go to some sort of 12-Step program for people who constantly buy books. However I guess there could be worse vices! I've never been able to get into Stephen King's books...but I know alot of people who really like his writings. The bra story is a really "snapper!"

  2. I gave up on Shelfari it was embarassing!

  3. Your bra comments made me titter!

  4. I thought about it when I first started, even signed up and then the end, just didn't go through with it. I would end up spending way too much time there, reading previews of books, etc.
    I do think the black one goes great with the outlook of your journal though.

    Not too much info. on the new King book just yet, haven't even seen it yet on the shelves. That may change this weekend however.

    I'm kind of surprised the theives were under the wire. The security at most Victoria Secrets is a breast of the times. (Hugs)Indigo

  5. Wow I just did a book entry too! Linda

  6. I had to quit the shelfari deal... I read too much... in Jacksonville I would go to the library at least one a week and load up.

    That certainly was a titilating (sp) story...


  7. Beth:

    You made Emily and I howl....


  8. I picked up King's book yesterday but haven't opened it yet. Cover looks good tho :)

  9. Hi Beth,
    I don't know why the police even bother with those idiotic Bra Thieves. You can try to lock them up but they're just going to bust out.

  10. The comments here are very funny, milk them for all they are worth :o)

  11. Love you Shelfari book shelf.

    Your bra story had me rolling on the floor! Too Funny and Indigo picked up with an add on to the story..........too funny!

    Hugs, Rose

  12. Beth, I heard they found those rascals holding boulders right outside of town.

    I wanted to stop by and thank you for the very kind words you left on my journal today. I love your advice to "never surrender", I'm adopting that as my mantra. Bless you for being so kind.

  13. You are such a hoot! I like your bookshelf and the idea of just putting up a few books, not every darn one in the house (like I did). Keep 'em hanging, girlfriend..

  14. Thats about "Racks" it up, get it? Rack? Nice Rack?
    ok, i'm lame.
    I like your shelf, I have one too.
    Take Care

  15. Oh, you are bad, bad ! Who wrote those jokes ... 'Bob and Ray'?

  16. i hope to get to read King's newest book soon. Sounds like a good read. You are so funny. They will probably resell those bras at some road side booth or whatnot. XO

  17. I bet they will be a deflated bunch when they are caught!

  18. One of my favorite words...CLEARANCE!

  19. Those thieves must've been 'strapped' for cash!! LOL!! Oh well... i tried!!


  20. i've only recently discovered shelfari, because mary jo ( had it on her site. i spent the first three or four days adding all sorts of books at my shelfari ( come visit! grins, debra (

  21. I like the bookshelf, might take a look there myself later.

    How could you miss those thieves? They must have been walking real funny with their drawers filled with bras!

    B. x

  22. My favorite Stephen King novel is Misery. I read that book in two days. Couldn't put it down! And the movie! Wow! Kathy Bates was awesome!

  23. Liked the Black Bra, I've only read a few of Stephen King the more popular, preferring mystery to horror, happy reading.

    Take care


  24. Love the book shelf, going to check out getting my own. LMAO over your great puns based on the bra theft. Love your taste in books.

  25. No, I don't think you left any for the rest of us!


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