Monday, November 10, 2008

Are you well? Plus poll results!

Today I went up to Buchanan, Michigan, to Ken's workplace nuclear generation headquarters. AEP sponsors a wellness program for employees and spouses, and you get a cholesterol screening, glucose, and several other tests. Also a free flu shot. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that while my cholesterol is slightly above normal, and my LDL (the bad stuff) is a little high, my HDL (the good stuff) is so high that my ratio is "good to ideal." My triglycerides are also normal. The person we talked to about our results said that my HDL levels are those of someone who works out every day. What the heck? I don't work out at all! She said it can also indicate a high metabolism, so that must be the deal. That runs in my family, so thanks, Mom and Dad!

My bone density is also still low, so she mentioned a couple of supplements I think I'll try to find. My blood pressure is great. My Body Mass Index is "desirable," but my percent body fat is "poor," so it's time to start using our home gym! And I did indeed start using the elliptical today. Good grief, I thought my legs were going to snap off! I've got some work to do, that's for sure. However, I'm glad about getting started, and I'm glad I did this screening. And I got my flu shot, to boot! I give AEP huge credit for offering this program. As added incentive, if you sign up for their wellness program and go through this screening, they give you a $100 gift card. Is that sweet, or what? So Ken gets one, and I'll get one, too. THEN, if we enroll in health coaching, and meet two goals, we each get...another $100 gift card! The woman we spoke with said they're pretty easy goals, too, like eating more fruits and vegetables. I've already decided to start working out, so there's one right there. I wonder if finding a calcium supplement I can tolerate will count, too?

I have only one complaint about the whole thing. They did fingersticks! Ugh, I hate those, and they hurt worse for me than a needlestick. I have great veins, I'm not afraid of needles, and I'd be happy to take a poke in the arm over a poke in the finger!

I was glad to get my flu shot, too. I'd always gotten it for free at the lab, so when I saw that it was $30 at a local clinic, I was bummed. Thank you, AEP! Everyone IS planning on getting their flu shot, right? Even if you aren't in a high risk group--and since I no longer work with patient specimens, I'm not--if you're around someone who is, protect them from getting the flu from you. (For example, my parents are in their eighties, so they are at risk.) It can also stop the transmission of the virus and reduce the risk of an epidemic or pandemic. Influenza can be a killer, folks. Uh-oh, looks like I've got an entry to work on! Spanish Lady, anyone?

After I got back to South Bend, I stopped by the catering place and paid the balance for our dinner this Saturday. It looks like we'll end up with 110 people, so it's a good turnout! The woman I had met with before wasn't there--she'd just stepped out to run a business errand--so I met with a very nice young man named Travis. He ran the card, then we chatted for a moment. He said he'd probably see me Saturday, because he's the chef! After I got home, I had an email from Ken to up the number of people, so I called and talked to Debbie (who I met with last week). I said that Travis had been very nice and took good care of me, and Debbie said, "Actually, he's my son!" So that was pretty cool--sounds like a family-owned business, and I couldn't have been more impressed with both Debbie and Travis. I hope his cooking will be equally as impressive!

One last thing for now. The other day, I put up a poll asking if Obama's pick as his Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, is a hottie. Feel free to keep voting because the poll is not closed, but as of this evening and after 75 votes, America has spoken: Rahm Emanuel is officially a hottie. Results were overwhelmingly in favor of his hottie status, with a whopping 84% thinking yeah, I'd do him...and 16% saying, nope, not my cup of tea. I thank you all for participating, and I have to say that your comments were very entertaining! I hope you don't mind that I had a little fun with this, because I think it was good for us all to get a chuckle out of it. I hope that Congressman Emanuel wouldn't mind my little poll, either, but based on the results, I'm sure he'd be fairly happy about it.

So...who's next? Will Indiana Senator Evan Bayh get an appointment? Doubtful, but he's definitely a good-looking guy. George Clooney and Matt Damon were big Obama supporters...will there be spots for them? Can foreign-born people serve on the Cabinet or be appointed to government positions? If so, I'd like to lobby for Daniel Craig. This administration could be a dream come true! (wink)

With apologies to my dear know you're my one and only, dear!


  1. Definitely a hottie. Seems like you really got a good check over! Watch out for that bone density- Osteoporous is a really nasty item- I break so easy it is scary. Dannelle

  2. Rahm Emanuel look like Barry Manilow!

    Good luck with the home gym. Makes me feel tired just writing it. ;O)

    B. x

  3. As the great T.J. Sheppard once sang "I'm just looking, girl, not looking to find." Nothing wrong with a little girl or man watching.

    Glad you inhereted good genes.

  4. So fess up what were the recommended Calcium supplements? Just curious. I've noticed lately I seem to be shrinking...At this rate I'll be a little 4 ft. dwarf by my sixties, and Rebecca will be an even bigger Amazon. Sounds like you had a pretty good checkup. (Hugs)Indigo

  5. Happy to hear your health screening was favorable - that is pretty cool of them to provide that service and gift cards to boot!

    You are going to have a great turnout at your dinner, you must be so pleased about that.

    Boy, I was in a small minority on Rahm. I was one of the "he doesn't do it for me" votes!! Maybe he'll grow on me. LOL

  6. Miss Ginger used to have a metabolism when she was younger. It went away. Now she has high everything- LDL, HDL, DHL, UPS- believe me, it they have letters for it- hers is high. First David Dust and now you! You bloggers may be too healthy for me to hang around with!

  7. I was able to get my flu shot last week when I had a bronchitis follow-up with my PCP. Some (including Bob) tell me I'm crazy to get the flu shot..."who knows what's in there?" Paranoid~I know. All those years I was working in health care we had to have the TB test and though the flu shot was not required, Employee Health strongly recommended it. I've never had a problem. I need to get a bone density test done, have not had one of those.

  8. Yes ... like a clown! That you said of the 84% claiming 'Yeah, I'd do him' ... that cracked me up!

    You mean to TELL ME you have an elliptical machine in your home catching clothes? Good for the good chloresterol ... sweet about the gift cards. Cuts into the sick days, and it means that it raises the plant's efficiency .

    Don't you love it when you work with a well-run family business?

  9. I work in an operating room so I have to get flu shots every year. It seems to keep me from getting it. It sounds like they gave you a really good exam. The gift certificates are impressive. Linda

  10. I thought Rahn Emmanuel was my discovery. I didn't think anyone else noticed!
    But let me tell you, I saw Hugh Jackman on Oprah today and he practically stopped by heart. That is one Hottie McHot Hot.

  11. What a nice place to work that offers such good incentives to you also on health matters.

  12. We have health fairs every year at work, it sounds kind of the same.... they give you all kinds of tests. I love them, I always get my blood sugar and my cholesterol checked. (I skip the BMI reading, they say 'mean' things... = ) Anyway, we get prizes, they have some great raffles, but WE don't EVER get $100 gift cards just for sticking to a program... what kind of GC, was it something like "$100 off your next hospital stay over $10,000"? JK!!! I think that's really COOL!!! And I'm proud of you for following the incentive. I don't EVER get flu shots, I'm one of those paranoid people that Linda was talking about in her comment... LOL!!

    My dream administration would include Derek Jeter (of course); Aidan Quinn; Kenny Chesney; and Johnny Depp!! LOL!!


  13. You seem to have a natural ease talking about your physical woes, even with humor, though I know I'd be an absolute baby if I had to describe a hangnail. As for Rahm, hot though he may be, have you examined his stance? A big of a centrist, pragmatist, kind of another Dennis Ross. But we'll see, yes?

  14. I can not afford a flu shot....and i fear i am totally going to get it this winter too. SIGH. I think it is AWESOME, wonderful that you got all those tests run free and huge congrats on how well your numbers are!! That is great. If only i had high are so blessed! XOXO


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