Monday, November 24, 2008

Mild-mannered microbiologist by day....

...guitar god at night!

Say hi to my pal Jim, or as I sometimes call him, Jimi. He started working at the lab not too long after I did, and I started training him on molecular testing. (Remember the LCX instruments, Jimi? AGHHH!) As we got to talking, we hit it off immediately, due to a mutual love of sports and music. I was in a fantasy basketball league with him one year, and he kicked my ass, but we had fun.

Jim recently took online courses to get his Bachelor degree in Medical Technology (he previously had an Associate), and I was so thrilled for him!

But what is really cool about Jimi is that there is more to him than a microscope, a lab coat, and an ability to screen through multiple racks of plates. He also plays guitar, and although I've never gotten to hear him play live, today he sent me a link to the page where he's put up one of his songs. He's been having fun recording and mixing music in his secret basement lair. He wrote the song, he sings it, and he plays all the guitar on it, except his buddy Rob played bass. The drums are a software program. I hope you'll give it a listen, because I think it's fantastic. Have I got cool friends, or what?! [song and lyrics property of Jim]

My Lesson

So this is how it feels
When nightmares become real
Don't tell me how to feel
This wasn't part of the deal!

But I've seen it all before
Guess you wanted more

I can't believe you turned on me
Never thought I'd get burned
My lesson learned.
You thought you'd make a fool of me
Now I see right through you
My lesson learned.

You finally showed who you are
We didn't make it very far
Thanks though, for the scar
I never knew who you were


I'm feelin' the burn here at Nutwood! Ken finished putting together the weight machine yesterday (I helped fasten a bolt, ha ha), and today, after a little over 2 miles on the recumbent bike, I lifted a few weights! I just did arms and shoulders today, and I have to say, it felt fantastic! I can see myself really getting into this, mostly for tone and strength, and building bone density. I've been using the elliptical lately, but I can't do much. The other day, I checked my heart rate and it was up to 160! I talked to Ken about it, because I thought that seemed awfully high, much higher than is really safe, and he agreed. So I'm going to work on building my endurance on the recumbent bike, and work my way up to the elliptical. Isn't my wimpiness awful? But I've honestly never been an exerciser, so I'm not surprised I'm such a wimp. I just feel good about doing something and becoming more active. Even if I'm starting with baby steps!

Another goal of mine is to eat more fruit. I don't think we eat a lot of bad stuff--we love our salads and veggies. But I'm a slacker when it comes to eating fruit. I have no idea why, because it's nothing but yummy goodness, and I always enjoy it when I do eat it! When I was at the store last week, they had these big ol' Florida grapefruit, and I got a couple of those. Oh man, they are tasting so good to me! When we get back from Missouri, I'm definitely buying more grapefruit when I go shopping. I love them even more than oranges. I tried those mangos last week, too, and those were mighty tasty.

Oh, and speaking of veggies, when I bought my grapefruit, they also had cauliflower on sale. I got the biggest head of cauliflower I have ever seen! I swear, it was bigger than my head (and I'm sure some would say that's quite big indeed!), and even after I used half of it last night, it was still huge. I'll probably fix the rest of it tomorrow night (we leave Wednesday morning). I think I've mentioned doing this before, but last night I roasted the cauliflower. That's becoming my favorite way to cook veggies--put them on a cookie sheet, drizzle olive oil over them, then sprinkle on a few pinches of kosher salt, and toss it. Bake at 450° until it's nicely browned. The time depends on the vegetable. Asparagus takes about 10 minutes, but cauliflower takes 30 minutes. It seems like it gives the vegetable a nice, nutty flavor, and we both just love it. Shane also liked it when he tried asparagus that way. I'm thinking I'd like to try roasted broccoli, and I bet carrots would be good, too. Similar to when you add carrots around a roast, but a little more browned.

I've always steamed our broccoli and cauliflower, but we always put a little spray butter on it...I would think the olive oil is much healthier.

OO! Brussels sprouts! I bet those would be delicious roasted!

Jeez, I'm making myself hungry.


  1. Jimi is great!!!! I could see him going somewhere with this if he really wanted to. Any excerise at all is better than none... I need to do some myself...& let me tell you I would be the WIMP!!!

  2. OMG!!! 'Set Your Goals' is a phrase that is part of my own language within myself!! Set your goals and quit yer cryin'!!

    Take me back to some good times in school!! So cool!

    Even cooler that you are working with your equipment. For bone density, you need to do resistance training. Ease into that.

    As far as the aerobic stuff, do what you like. For me, it is out door running. Can't stand tread anything or eliptical that. Don't care for running laps, just get out on the side walk and right-left-right.

    I'd eat more fruit, but when I buy it, I forget aboutit. If you are going to make the effort, then so can I!!

  3. Jimi sounds great!

    Since I've had kidney failure, all I crave is fruit! There are days when I eat nothing BUT fruit, and that's not so great, since I have to keep my fluid intake down to six cups a day and fruit is full of juice. But since I'm always terribly thirsty, there's nothing like a bunch of grapes or a peach to make me feel much better. I also love veggies, but they're mostly restricted for me, too.

  4. I see your comments all over the place, so I thought I'd say hello. You seem to know the old AOL crowd (I left in '05). Great blog, topical and well-written.

    I know from experience--when you start weight training, keep the ibuprofen handy for the next day.

  5. And now I'm hungry, too!
    Glad the home gym is done, and I hope you enjoy! I don't eat enough fruit, either, although, like you, I like it when I do eat it. I do eat my veggies, though.

  6. What I did once for cauliflower was rush with olive oil and whatever spices you like and roast it at about 400. I forget how long. It was good, it is done when it is carmelized and you can easily stick it with a knife.

    I add canned fruit to meat, like a can of drained peaches sprinkles with a little cinnamon with sauted chicken breasts. Wait till the chicken is almost done, and heat the peaches. Also stir fry some chicken and add red peppers, green onions and pineapple chunks. I also grill pineapple slices (canned) and serve them too. I use cranberries a lot, it is good with chicken, pork and ham.


  7. Jimi sounded awesome :o)

    The roasted vegies are the best.

  8. My kids would eat ANYTHING as long as it was roasted... beets, brussel sprouts, asparagus, chickpeas! ... red peppers, turnips, broccolini... and I find that when I get on a veggie kick ... they start to taste better than anything else!

    I love the gym... I need at least a treadmill here. I do have the WiiFit... gotta get motivated... my goal is to lose50 pounds in 2009!


  9. Hi Beth,
    Good for you ... sounds like you're on a real health kick. Your friend Jimi is really talented!

  10. Jimi sounded great. I hear you about the health kick and trust me I'm on that path full boat.

  11. I just got back from the store doing my Thanksgiving shopping and I did NOT buy the cauliflower because they were so SMALL ! I was looking for exactly what you bought, as big as your head big ! BUT I did get some nice brussel sprouts and I got fresh cranberries ! YUM !
    Man, you got me so wrapped up in the food I forgot to listen to the guitar dude !!! Yea, Jimi !
    K, I'm gonna go listen, have a great night.

  12. I need to get on the health kick myself. Have a good day tomorrow.

  13. Your smile has a wonderful. He has that "I love life" look. Bet he's a joy to be around.
    Collards are going on my Thanksgiving Table. And they are very healthy :)

  14. Beth, you are so kind. Thank you! Thanks also to your friends for all the nice comments. Everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  15. You're... LEAVING me? ;) You're going where there is no snow? (assuming it's middle to southern part of the state) Hope you have fun. And be careful, it's a busy week for travler's.

  16. Food, Folks, and Fun!You know the place, at Nutwood! Now I'm off to get something out of the kitchen, have a swell day tomorrow!


  17. Jimi's song is awesome! I like that he has such eclectic taste in music.
    Try adding a little garlic powder to the roasted veggies(just toward the end), it gives a unique twist!
    Have a great Thanksgiving!
    :) Leigh

  18. Loved the lyrics to the song. I'll have Paul listen later and see what he thought of the music, he's the musical talent and ears out of the two of us. Feel free to let Jimi hear that piece I posted of Pauls.

    Resistance, Aerobic, weight training (I combine dumbbells in the routine) all over I've found the mini trampoline to work wonders. I need to get back to it, I've been so busy I haven't been as consistant as I should be.

    I've always been a big fruit eater. Apples and Oranges are the big fruit for the winter. Occasionally I'll buy soft carmel. to lightly heat up in the mic and dip the apples in.


  19. no wonder i am so fat and you are so thin. YUCK. i do not like any of the food you like! LOL You do eat healthy, be proud of that. Great song i just listened to. XO

  20. I am a fruit slacker too! I do love grapefruit though, I have been having it almost every morning. Good job on the working out! Linda

  21. Beth, thank you for the vegetable cooking suggestion, I like vegetables but I always manage to prepare them in the most unappetizing way possible. D

  22. I love vegetables and fruit, but don't always eat enough fruit. I've never tried roast sprouts, and to be hones most in the UK only have them at Christmas, although they can be nices sauteed with chestnuts butter and finishes with a touch of cream.


  23. I know you will have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Enjoy the day Lucy


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