Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Yes, Virginia...there is a Santa Claus!

Ann Coulter's Jaw Wired Shut: Report

Huffington Post November 25, 2008 07:39 AM

Ann Coulter may be completely silenced, at least for a while.

If the New York Post's Page Six report is true, Coulter broke her jaw and her mouth is wired shut:

We hear...that although we didn't think it would be possible to silence Ann Coulter, the leggy reactionary broke her jaw and the mouth that roared has been wired shut...


I'm off to bed, but I couldn't let this one go. I have many reasons to give thanks on this holiday!


  1. Beth:

    I discovered your little blog and want to say you are a Traitor! You heard me! How could you talk like this about my Jaw, and you forget that I can still type! So, have a Happy Turkey Day you no good dirty Liberal Traitor. Ha Ha :)

    Up Yours"
    Ann Coulter

  2. I really don't think it will silence her as much as you hope. In fact, considering she talks out of her ass most of the time, I think we'll barely notice a change, unfortunately.

    Still, at least now she can drool and have an excuse that doesn't involve her gimp Dinesh D'Souza.

  3. Ahhhh.... poetic justice.

  4. I think I'll be laughing all day at Dan's response!

  5. To funny, also had to share an accomplishment Photobucket finally let me decide to post some of my pictures!!!! Just made my day. Yes my girl you are funny and thank god for prople like you. Lucy

  6. I am will Laurel (what a pretty name that is!) Dinesh d'Souza is shameful ... and Ann Coulter is ... well, I think everyone knows what she is.

  7. GasP

    Is it possible?

    Well my mouth is open....with a sweet 'O' formed with my lips......followed by the nectar of a soft chuckle.

    The Irony~

  8. I heard she got it in the exorcism. One of the side effects of your head spinning around 360 degress.

  9. Hi Beth,
    Great news ... Hallelujah ... Ann Coulter's jaw is wired shut. Quick, someone slap a padlock on it before it's too late ...

  10. Am I going to hell for laughing at her misfortune?

  11. Couldn't happen to a better person! Much to be thankful for this year :)

  12. Ah....could it be true? I can't stand that woman!
    Happy Thanksgiving girlfriend!

  13. HA...if anyone deserves to have their mouth wired shut it is that B....Witch!!

    Wishing you & Ken a happy thanksgiving. I'm sorry I'm so behind in my reading.

  14. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Beth. BTW, I knew the Titan's would win today but OMG. 48 to 10 I think.
    Hugs, Joyce

  15. Chuck will say "The're (FOOLS OR IDIOTS) out in full force today." When the crzy drivers are out and about.



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