Tuesday, December 30, 2008

As The Hazies say....

...I want a trip free life.

You've probably all heard by now that Bristol Palin had her baby. They were reporting it on CNN last night, and I couldn't catch what they named the kid. I was like, "Trick? Track? Trig? What are they saying?!" Ken said, "I think Trig is the one baby's name," but he couldn't catch the new baby's name, either. I heard the story twice and still couldn't figure out what the name was. I finally saw it online today, and in the fine tradition of weird names that her mothah apparently decided to follow, Bristol has named her baby boy...


You heard me.


They gave him the father's last name, even though he and Bristol haven't yet entered into wedded bliss, so he's Tripp Johnston.


I'm sorry, I just can't help it. That's just a dorky name. And I'm sure there will be some teasing eventually. "Hey, have a nice Tripp, see ya next fall!" "Stop Trippin' me out!" Or maybe he'll follow in the footsteps of his paternal grandmother and "take a trip," if you get my drift (better living through pharmaceuticals, doncha know). The poor kid is innocent in this whole thing and ends up with the name TRIPP. He's probably going to end up as the answer to a trivia question one day, so at least they could have given him a cool, macho name like Clint or Rock or Steele.

If you're so inclined, visit the Hazies and give 'em a listen. "Trip Free Life" is a cool song, as is "Skin and Bones." Bristol Palin sure doesn't have a Tripp free life for a few years to come, does she? Neither does Levi. Have either of them finished high school yet? [shaking my head] Oh, and...

Author's Note: Just to clarify, in yesterday's entry about To Fight or Not to Fight I wasn't implying that if couples DO argue, they have a bad relationship. The thing is, it's different for everyone, and what works for us may not work for others. However, I don't appreciate being accused of lying when I say that Ken and I don't fight, or being told that we are dysfunctional (nobody here did that--just someone with a bone to pick and a battle-axe to grind) or that we have a bad marriage. To imply such a thing speaks more of their own dysfunction, rather than whatever dysfunction that they think they see in us. I believe the proper psychological term there might be "projection."


  1. I guess you've never lived in Connecticut. There are Tripp's all over the place. Yes, really!

  2. I think 'Tripp' is a cool name ... but your jokes were on the money, and had me laughing out loud. (gets out soap box)

    What gets me, is the ignorance and lack of class and distinction that is the reason for the name. THERE IS ABSOULTELY NO WAY IN HADES that I would let my UNMARRIED daughter name a child ANYTHING that connects the baby to the father.

    Makes NO SENSE AT ALL. If she was a black girl, she would look like an ignorant welfare bound leech. Is it any different for this crackhead move, made by the Palin girl ('crackhead' is a reference to a mentality, i.e., 'welfare queen', or 'trailer trash')

    When you start talking about family values, and questioning the character of people and their associations, what should be said about someone's STUPID ACTIONS?!? Only an IDIOT would think that this is cool, someone with questionable reasoning skills, and not that much of an ability to make decisions ...

    That she is someone who is supposed to be a better cut from us (I am so like Dennis Leary ... I want the guy I vote for to be smarter with more sense than me!) the Palin family on surface seems to not have the values and the morality that they are supposed to have, let alone believe in.

    When it comes to elected leaders, it is okay to overlook the log in your eye, because you aren't within a heartbeat of the Nuclear Codes! So no, the Palin doesn't get to be a crap, dysfunctional family like mine, because I AM NOT TRYING TO LEAD THE DAMN COUNTRY!

    Don't peg me because she represents some thoughts I don't agree with. It is more that I wonder what the hell is going on in that house, where it creates that kind of thinking. Nothing makes sense in Alaska? They weren't this crapppy stupid in 'Northern Exposure' were they?

    This to me, is brutal. But what can one expect from the mentality that said, "You can see Russia from Alaska", or whatever, when trying to validate skills in international diplomacy. fin

  3. I think Fig as in "ment" would be another great name :o)

  4. You crack me up! LOL

    I know when I get to your blog, you'll make me laugh!

    Have a good night and have a good New Year!

  5. Hi Beth,
    There were several Tripps where I grew up, but that doesn't make the name any less ridiculous. I remember the other kids used to call one of them "Trippity," but not in a good way.

  6. Kids can be cruel when it comes to names.
    I can see it as a nickname, but they could have thought of something a little better, it seems...hope he has a good life..whatever they call him..

  7. Yeah I figured you'd be getting some bs from the battle axe. Oh wait, you said an axe to grind. ;) We all know you're both emotionally unstable people who can't hold your tongues. ;) As I've said before, crazy people annoy me.

  8. I can actually say I don't know anyone named that....

  9. i heard she got $300,000 for the baby pictures.

    nice. now all the other children of conservative republicans are gonna wanna go out and get knocked up/ knock someone up (depending on gender) because bristol palin made it ok to be an unwed teenage mom.



  10. Well, at least they didn't name the boy "Sue"! LOL

    The entire family has a screw loose!

    Hugs, Rose

  11. First thing that came to my mind was Linda Tripp - I remember her but don't know why.

  12. Not a name I'd have chosen, but not one I haven't heard in use either. I wouldn't let my daughter (as if I'd have a choice) use the baby daddy's last name for the kid, unless they were indeed about to tie the knot.

  13. I had never heard the name Tripp until the TV show "Dirty Sexy Money" where Tripp Darling is played by Donald Sutherland. In researching, it seems Tripp is not an uncommon name in parts of the US. As for the last name...I thought kids were supposed to have their father's last name???
    Big Mark needs to take a chill pill. OMG...am I ranting? Sorry.
    Hugs, Joyce

  14. Have you heard that poor babys entire name. It is worse than one of my Gr.grandaughters and it is long. I am sure you heard the fathers mom was picked up for selling illegal drugs. I can't help but thing what kind of family is thisd, really. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO BOTH. Lucy

  15. I dont know what people are thinking naming their kids weird names. Well at least she didnt name him after a piece of fruit I guess!
    When I commented your blog yesterday I only saw comments of people who agreed they never fought either! I will have to go back and see all the controversial comments now!!! (I hope mine did not offend you!!!????)

  16. Palin is about an idiot so i think her child, Bristol, wanted to one up mommy or make mommy notice she could use a cool name too and named the kid, Tripp. "You're such a Pip, Tripp". Jeez.


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