Friday, December 12, 2008

Getting carded

All I have left to do on the Christmas cards is put the stamps on, and that's going to have to wait till tomorrow. I need a break.

Since I haven't put the stamps on yet, I don't know the final count...but I think I'm going to have to do a little culling for next year. I've never kept track of who we get cards from, and that has never been an issue for me...but when you're doing 100+ cards, it becomes an issue pretty effin' quick! Printing labels has helped, but that's just a lot of cards to mess with. I think there may be some cousins culled next year. (Watch...I won't be able to do it, and I'll send out even more next year!)

One thing I didn't mention is what I do with the cards we receive. I cut them into small gift tags. Find the parts that don't have writing on them (usually the top part), cut them into rectangles and fold. I can't remember the last time I bought gift tags. However, I'd be willing to bet that most cards just end up in the landfill, so that's another reason to reconsider cards. I don't mean to sound like a Scrooge, I'm just experiencing card fatigue!

I reluctantly admit that I'm kind of digging Facebook. It's short and sweet, and I don't think it will take up as much time as blogs. Earlier today, I figured out how to import my blog entries (I'm interested to see if this one shows up there with no problem), I've received some plants and sent one, I got hit by a snowball, I've gotten two Christmas presents under my tree (I haven't opened them yet), I got a kitten, and let's see...oh yeah, an In-N-Out burger! (Yum!) I also signed up as a supporter of Rahm Emanuel, and sent him a friend request. He hasn't accepted yet. [sniff] LOL Rahm Emanuel on Facebook? Who knew?! I will probably give up Myspace because I rarely go there, but I want to make sure I can still get into my pal Jimi's music site.

Speaking of Rahm Emanuel, Sheria wrote to me that she'd heard that he may have been the one who got the Feds to move on Blagojevich (who was, of course, already under investigation). I did a little looking, and I couldn't find any confirmation of that. In fact, that rumor was denied (but not emphatically) by Team Obama. Darn, how cool would that have been? A chance for a tough (some might even say ruthless) Chicago pol to stop the corruption, and prove that Chicago politics is NOT synonymous with dirty politics. For the record, I don't believe for a moment that Team Obama was trying to make some kind of a deal with the governor. Even the wiretaps had Blagojevich saying that he wasn't getting anything from them. And frankly, I think they're too smart to make such a bonehead mistake. Did they talk to him? Sure, and that is to be expected. The guy was going to be replacing Obama's Senate seat, so they'd want someone in there amenable to the party. (If I recall, Emanuel's seat in Congress will be filled via a special election.)

In the meantime, the Illinois Attorney General has asked the state legislature to remove the governor from office. I hope they are able to do so, but there are questions there about innocent until proven guilty. I would guess that they'd try to say that he is mentally unfit to serve and remove him that way. Anyone who knows they're under federal investigation and continues to have such conversations has got to have a screw loose!

There was no comment from the governor's hair.


  1. OMG I bet you are tired after all those cards. I don't even think I know that many people....LOL Or like that many LOL

    Just kidding....but there's no way I'd send out that many....

    YOU GO GIRL!!!!

  2. You don't think Facebook won't take up a lot of time? LOL You wait LOL

  3. We have a lot of charities that use up old Christamas card, to use either as gift tags or mobiles, they're quite pretty, see you on FaceBook "grins"

    Take care


  4. Wish we could have stopped in Effingham, IL for an effin'g burger :o)

  5. I love facebook! I have reconnected with a lot of friends from high school... and that was a lONG time ago!

    Congrats on finishing your cards.... that's one of my weekend goals!

  6. I have a great little Christmas Card Record Book, that contains the names & addresses of the people on my list and then a column forseveral years where you can mark "sent" & "recieved." That's a great way to keep track. I keep my cards bundled up for about 3-4 years, I love to go back and read the notes. I keep the ones from very close friends and family members. I tear or cut off the fronts and donate then to one of the local nursing homes for them to use for their craft projects. I love the label system too. If someone moves (or dies) during the year I can just go into my Word document and change the info. Linda in stormy Washington state

  7. basically i send cards to those who send to me. I do not send to most of my family because they quit sending cards years ago so it ends up mostly friends doing it. What a cool idea about making gift cards of cards! XOXO

  8. I love to send Christmas cards. It's such a regular ritual for me, year after year. I sent 85 this year, to friends from every part of my life. I sent one to my oldest friend (since we were 4 years old) and some to people I still haven't met in person but feel close to nevertheless. I try to write notes on most of them, but toward the end of the list, the notes start getting a little lame.

  9. I don't do Christmas cards at all...dunno, just never have. Does that make me a bad person? I don't think so...usually time just escapes me and the season is over!

  10. my class will prolly do about 100 cards over the course of the next week for service people stationed all over the place. i know they wont get them until easter, but the kids get so into writing them little messages of hope and joy, which only come out of 8 year olds around this time of the year. we are also getting ready to sing 'nuttin for christmas' as a surprise gift to our parents when we have our Christmas Program.


  11. ps i blog on myspace too,sometimes the same entry sometimes not. i still like myspace better then facebook but i am not sure why.

  12. I pretty much finished my cards last night, and mailing them out tomorrow... but I'm not send out as many as you are, though!! WHEW!!!

  13. Yep, it appears that Rahm's involvement is adamantly denied by the Obama administration but the rumor persists in the blogoshpere.

    What a great idea for recycling old Crhistmas cards. I'm going to start doing that this year!

  14. I am behind once again with cards. I like to do the photo card with the kids. But.... not sure if I can get one now.
    Usually sent around 60-70 I think.
    Facebook huh? Dont think I want to go there !

  15. If you are going to 'face book', I may get in on it too ... esp. if I can import my journal over there.

  16. Hi Beth -

    I know what you mean about "card mania." In an ironic twist, my list of gifts/cards -- which is mostly for business purposes -- has been winnowing itself by the day. In the week since I finished wrapping 75 gifts, four of the people on my list got laid off. It's sad to say, but "Tis the season" for layoffs and I know why: Big Corporations get tax breaks if they can get employees off the books before the beginning of the new year.


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