Monday, December 8, 2008

Vewy vewy quiet

A quiet day here at Nutwood, so I'll keep this short, just like me!

It's funny--funny-strange, not funny-ha ha--but a few days ago, I told Ken that I wanted to order another set of cotton sheets, because one set is starting to come apart at the seams in the pillow cases. Not real bad, but enough that I can tell they're on their last legs. Or cases. Or whatever. I changed the sheets today, and one of the pillow cases was split almost halfway...but this wasn't the set of sheets I wanted to replace! The sheets in this set are still fine, but I pitched that case. I ordered another set today, and got a great deal. 25% off, plus two extra pillow cases. Sweeeet! I got the blue set that is in the forefront of the picture. They're stripey! I almost got some yellow ones, but I tend to buy either white, pink, or blue sheets. Not only because that's what goes best with the colors in our bedroom, but because they're "cool" colors. I feel like sleeping on yellow sheets would make me feel hotter, and indeed, Ken's mom had yellow sheets on the bed we slept in, and every night I had to throw the comforter off of me! No lie!

I've gotten so I have to have cotton sheets. I love how crisp and cool they feel. I don't care if they're kind of wrinkly when you get them out of the dryer--you're just going to rumple 'em up anyway! Besides, I fold them well enough that they don't get all that wrinkly. Gee, I sound kind of picky when it comes to sheets, don't I? It's true!

Has anyone ever had satin sheets? When I was living on my own in Indy, I had a set. My bedroom was all black and white, very modern. (I got a little more girly later on.) I got some black satin sheets, and I remember the first time I made the bed and threw the pillow on the bed--it went sliding across the bed and shooting off the side! I cracked up. They looked pretty cool and felt good when you first got in, but they really weren't all that comfortable. I just get too hot at night! So does Ken. If Ken and I were to sleep on flannel sheets, we'd probably set the house on fire!

We watched "Iron Man" last night. We had heard it was good, but we were both very impressed! Robert Downey, Jr. looked great (come to think of it, he reminds me of our blog pal Marc [wink]), and it was just a lot of fun. They did a great job, and we'll look forward to seeing the second movie in the franchise.

I feel like I have more to say...I don't feel "written out" yet...but I'm not sure what it is that wants to come out. I'll just let it be and see what germinates.

Uh-oh...this just in from CNN. "Oprah vs. Palin." [insert dramatic music here] I don't know the whole story yet, but it would seem that Oprah wanted to have Palin on her show after the election but was...snubbed? Could that be right? Heavens to Murgatroid! You don't tug on Superman's cape; you don't spit into the wind; you don't pull the mask off the Lone Ranger; and you certainly don't f*** with the O-Woman! The repercussions will be numerous and far-reaching. This is a story of epic proportions. Ahh, I see. Apparently, the invitation was extended, but Palin chose to do interviews with Greta van Susteren, Matt Lauer, Larry King, and Wolf Blitzer. She turned down invitations from Oprah, Letterman, Leno, and Jon Stewart. Why am I 100% unsurprised? Oprah told the interviewer that she heard that Palin has a book coming out soon, "So maybe she'll want to be on the show then!" Oprah said it with a smile. Heh heh heh. It's like the spider and the fly....

Okay, off to germinate.


  1. I loved Iron man..I buy most of my sheets from JC Penny. They last a forever and seem to get softer the more you wash them. I like the high thread count.

  2. My first husband and I had a waterbed with black and red satin bedding... taaaaacky!

    Happy Monday!

  3. I like T-shirt sheets. For sure in the summerLucy

  4. I have those exact stripey cotton sheets, but I have them in yellow. I don't know if they're hot because they're on the guest room bed, but so far I haven't had any complaints (at least, not about the sheets). I agree, they've gotta be cotton, and a high thread count, if I am going to buy them.

  5. Good thing it was a short entry, I would hate to see what a long entry is like :o)

  6. I once had a set like those, but they wrinkled terribly. And, I refuse to iron my damn sheets.
    I do have to have the high thread count...ever
    had the cheap cheap ones that make your elbows sore?

  7. Any thoughts on purchasing a small sewing machine to mend the pillow cases and get another year out of them? LOL

    I love cool sheets myself. I also purchased a "Chillow Pillow" from because I like my head to be cool. It all started during the beginning of menopause and I still use the Chillow costs about $25. and worth every penny. I follow the instructions and insert it between the pillow and pillow case. It also feels good on a sore back or a bad sunburn.

    Hugs, Rose

  8. I have to have my flannel sheets in the winter time. Cool crisp cotton is ok in summer for me.
    'On Ya'-ma

  9. This is the second year of flannel sheets. Mark wasn't here last year (Iraq) but I told him abour them. Now that we are having an early winter the flanel sheets are out and he loves them. But for warmer weather, love those high cost egytian cotton sheets :)

  10. Hot sheets? Um, Ok.
    I not only had red satin sheets in the 80's but I had a waterbed to with 'em. Oh yea, I was so hip I was square. Get it? Hip to be square ?
    I crack myself up.
    Nite !

  11. I just changed the sheets this the yellow ones! I'll let you know if its hot :) We don't do flannel sheets, well, its just not that cold in AZ. Satin sheets...reminds me of porn movies...or Vegas...LOL! My grandma used to iron her sheets, no lie!

  12. I had Satin sheets once. Once! I hated them. I was always sliding around when I was trying to sleep. LOL

    Enjoy your week.

  13. I HATE yellow sheets, they just always look DINGIE to me!! Love the colors you picked, though!! I Love the way satin sheets LOOK, but can NOT sleep in them, way too HOT, just like you said!! I'd MUCH rather be in cotton sheets, too!! I still love Palin, and Oprah needs SOMEONE to say NO to her once in awhile to keep her feet on the ground!!! LOL!!!

  14. Hi Beth,
    I can hardly wait to see what Oprah does next ... ! As for sheets, I don't put a lot of thought into them. As long as they cover the bed, I'm happy.

  15. I'm a cotton person as well Beth...colour I don't think much about..usually try to buy in the sales so not so expensive !! When we were small we always had flannelette lovely and warm but nowadays whith central heated homes no need for them although last few mornings have been bitterly cold here. Much Love sybil xx

  16. Palin is a phony. Period.
    I love flannel sheets...most don't. I had satin sheets when i first met Rick.

    They didn't last long.



  17. Funny that Palin wouldn't do an interview with Oprah ... reminds me of what Jon Stewart said, of the presidential race being an opportunity for her to run against the first black man she had ever seen!

    Other than the new adminstration being able to steer the country, I worry about Gov. Stils-, er, Palin's ability to keep a national profile. I don't think that the 'Northern Insomia Peaks Exposure' environment she is from, makes for a well rounded candidate. Maybe it is just me, but there is no way that someone who has learned about the rest of the country via television can govern effectively.

    My only hope is that she is TRULY as stupid as I think she is ... how many schools did she have to go to before someone signed off on her education? That has always been a sign of someone of limited intelligence (save for my hero, Howie from the 'Fall Guy' I could do what he did!) in my book, shopping for schools and classes that someone could pass and fake their intelligence.

  18. I'm afraid of satin sheets for fear I would slip off and spend most of my nights on the floor. Cotton are comfy especially when you hang them out on the line to dry ~ Nothing sweeter than the smell of fresh air on your sheets. Enjoy,

  19. I didn't like satin sheets either but I had the oppisite reaction as you did, (well they were to slidy for me too) but I was always cold when I slept on them. But (I swear this is the truth) I have flannel sheets on my bed, an electric blanket (yes it is turned on at night) a down comforter and a regular comforter on my bed! I think you would probably HATE my bed!! Linda

  20. I keep flannel sheets on the bed all year round. Then again, I keep the house cold, so it feels good to climb into a snuggly bed... oh...AND a memory foam thingie. I love my bed. I'd never get out of it if I didn't have to.

  21. Oprah and Palin should be able to like or dislike whoever they want... too bad that's pretty much impossible if they want to maintain their approval ratings


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