Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love and Rockets! our friend Mark would say!

Ken is still in Snoozeville, and I'm just hanging out for a while, being quiet as little mousie.

I hope everyone has a great weekend, whether it's a Valentiney one or not. I'm feeling very mellow, but I'm sure once get to Chicago, I'll start getting stoked.

This has absolutely nothing to do with Valentine's Day, the Godfathers, or Chicago, but I'd better write it while I'm thinking of it! A while back, Ken wrote a Science Scene entry about the Jatropa tree, which is supposed to be the next big thing in biofuel. Both Marty and Mark commented and had concerns about using land to grow these trees, when it could be better used for food crops (especially in developing countries). We've all seen the price of food go up lately, including corn products because of ethanol production.

I wondered the same thing, because from what I've read, ethanol production really isn't all that great or efficient, and it cuts into our food crops. I recently read the full article that Ken referenced, and what's different about the Jatropa tree is that it can be grown on non-arable land. In fact, the stuff apparently grows like weeds in the worst of soils. Another talked-about biofuel source is algae, which also won't compete for land with food crops.

Just wanted to clarify that!

Okey-doke, more tomorrow!


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  1. Happy Valentines day. I have recieved 2 boxes of candy (like I need that, but I will enjoy,) a card from Spunky and another from Joe, and 3 african violets and a mum. I wish I could keep that mum some how till I could plant it ouside. It is so pretty. I am going to post a couple of things tomorrow. I got a really unusaual announcement in my Gr-grandaughter on their little girl. I sent my daughter flowers, if that doesn't work I can do no more. Sorry this is so long. Lucy

  2. Interesting tidbit about the Jatrop tree. A bit like can which grows wild in almost any soil.

    Have a grand time and day today dear friend. I already know you'll have a blast at the concert tonight. (Hugs)Indigo

  3. i hope you and Ken have a lovely, happy Valentines day together. I bet you do. I think it is GREAT that there is a tree or plant that can be grown and not take away from space for much needed food source. XO

  4. Happy Valentines Day. Ethanol's been included as 10% of every gallon of gas sold here in WI for years. About 3 or 4 years ago dang near every car in the state seemed to have the same mechanical problem at the same time, and many news outlets pointed to Ethanol as the culprit (although I'm pretty sure the state denied it). I didn't have that problem, but while I like the idea of cutting our gas 10% I am hesitant to encourage a reduction in food production. The alternatives you list might just solve that dilema too.

  5. Hi Beth,
    Happy Valentines ... thanks for spreading the love and the Jatropa Trees. Not to mention the Algae!

  6. You kids(I can say that, I'm older!) have a great weekend!

    It'll be interesting to see where all the bio-fuels will take us.

    Happy Valentine's Day to you and Ken! Leigh

  7. I hope you two have a great time! Linda


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