Friday, February 13, 2009

Where did the day go?

You didn't think you were going to get away without an entry from me, did you? Heh heh heh.

A low-key day, as I kept it quiet around here so Ken could sleep. He has to work a night shift tonight, doggone it, so I'm batchin' it tonight. That means it's indulgent movie night, and I was all stoked to watch "Pulp Fiction" again...and damned if we don't have that one on DVD! Of all the DVD's we've got stacked everywhere, that's not one of them. Grrr. So I had to come up with Plan B. I'll start off with the best of Christopher Walken from SNL (The Continental, anyone? Perhaps some fine French shahm-pahn-ya?), but then I had kind of a hard time deciding on a movie. I thought about "Bull Durham," and that's still a possibility as a second feature. "Road House" is always in play, but it hasn't been all that long since my last indulgent movie night where I watched that one. I thought about "Footloose," but I'm not in the mood for bad 80's music. I finally decided on "Dirty Dancing," and if that isn't an indulgent, guilty-pleasure movie, I don't know what is! I'm sure Ken will appreciate not having to watch it, too. I'm sure he would if I really wanted to, because you know...nobody puts Baby in a corner. (It had to be said.)

I think I'm all set for the St. Valentine's Day Massacre! The Godfathers show, that is. The white shirt/black vest combo was the definite favorite, with the black shirt also receiving a couple of votes. I actually got a couple votes for the ski suit, and one smart aleck voted for overalls! Ha ha! I actually DO have a pair, but the day I wear overalls to a rock concert is the day I'd like you to just shoot me in the head and be done with it. Thanks to everyone who played along and voted! It was harder to figure out a jacket to wear...I'm not hardcore enough to go without one (Chicago in February, people), but since we'll be standing for the show, I don't want a heavy one. I also need pockets for my stuff, because I won't carry a purse. I've decided on a windbreaker that has zippered pockets. It's not very rock and roll, but it's the best for what I need. We won't be outside for any length of time, I don't think, so I should be okay.

Got the CD's out that I want to take, removed the liner notes from a couple so I can get them signed, and got confirmation from Peter that me, Ken, Shane, and Sam are on the list for the after-party. Eeeeeexcellent. Also corresponded with a guy from the Yahoo group, and I hope it works out that we can meet up for dinner before the show. If not, he'll be at the party, too. Ted is flying down from Canada for one day, just for this show. Godfathers fans are hardcore, let me tell ya.

The bird count today was a bust. I didn't do it until the afternoon, so I wouldn't wake Ken with all my feeder-filling, and there just was not much action going on. I think it was a combination of being overcast and having no snow on the ground. With all the grass and plants exposed, there is plenty of food out there for them right now. I'll do it again on Monday, and I hope they'll be a little more cooperative!

Oh, and Ken is now the designated egg cooker, at least if we're going to eat them over easy (and that's our favorite way). We had breakfast for dinner last night, and although the eggs tasted fine and I didn't overcook them (well, not too much), they were just not pretty. You know those perfect over easy eggs where the whites get a little browned on the edges and are completely cooked, but the yolk is nice and runny? Yeah, well, those weren't mine. The whites sort of globbed up around the yolks, and those were some mighty ugly eggs, believe me. It all tasted good, though. We ate a pound of bacon. Mmm, bacon. I've decided I like baking it rather than frying it, and I think I'll cook it that way from now on.

Maybe more later!


  1. Hope you guys have a blast tomorrow at the Godfather's Concert and after party. I'm the egg cooker in the house, Paul butchers them. Sounds like you and I are both alone on Friday the 13th at night. Paul's off to a gig and won't be home till the early morning hours. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. Have FUN at the concert. Breakfast sounds YUMMY!! That's EXACTLY how I like my eggs too, and I'm a pro at making them after so many years!!

  3. I like mine over easy, too. Since I'm the only one in my house, I have to be the egg cooker! Mine or okay, but not as good as Momma's! Her's were perfect every time! She made 2 eggs over easy for Daddy's breakfast every day, so you do the math- she made quite a fewin the 40 years they were married- not to mention the ones she made for the 5 of us! Enjoy the concert!

  4. We have breakfast for dinner quite often too...I love it! 'Course I'm the designated egg maker, and I must say, I usually can make them just right...white not runny, yolk runny! Think we'll have a nice big breakfast for breakfast tomorrow!

  5. I like eggs that way, too, but I actually prefer them over-medium. How weird is that? I've never thought of baking bacon! Remember when cousin Greg wanted his mom to try boiling it? What a mess that sounds like!

  6. Those eggs looked damn good to me!

    Hugs, Rose

  7. It's going to be downright balmy here in Chicago this weekend. Bring your sunglasses and SPF 30!

  8. I'm a big fan of breakfast for dinner.... and frankly I don't care how my eggs look. Eggs are simply a vehicle with which to soak the toast and convey the hot sauce to my mouth. :-)

    Have fun at the concert!

  9. I wish that I could do over easy/medium eggs ...

    I like 'Mr. Intercontinental' from an ol' Popeye and Bluto cartoon ... but most people reference 'The Continental' ... no big whoop, as the effect is the same.

    Must have missed the vote ... I would have chosen the vest combo. Enjoy the show.

  10. Stupid Birds :o)

    Nice egg picture, to bad they were not yours.

    Looking forward to today, I am thinking of wearing my robe :o)

  11. have a good time later!!! \m/ rock on \m/


    ps who lives on eggs, over hard.

  12. I'm so thankful for DVD's. When the world around us seems to be going to hell, and there is nothing on the news except people getting killed...plane crashes...babies being murdered by their own mothers...
    Well, it's just nice to know that we can put something on to take us all away from that.
    Dirty Dancing is one of my favorite movies.

  13. If I ran a restaurant that served eggs, that photo would be on the menu cover. OMG!!!! Those look so good!


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