Monday, February 16, 2009

Playing catchup

I think I'm caught up on blogs for now. If I didn't comment, it's not because I didn't read, but even the short time we were gone made me get behind!

Well, in reading the Yahoo message board for the Godfathers, a guy from Detroit posted that there was indeed an after-party backstage. I was just heartsick about it last night, but like Ken said, there's not much more we could have done. Everyone we asked at the Metro seemed absolutely clueless (I think Ted might have put it better when he said they were idiots), and no help at all. I was really down about it last night, but I'm snapping out of it. It really was a great show, a chance to see one of my favorites...of course, it would have been even cooler to hang out with them a little bit! You know, the thing I think I hate the most about it is that I would have liked a chance to say thanks for coming to the States for one show, and thanks for all the great music over the years. Peter thanked the fans for their support, but I wanted to say thank you to them, too. I'll be sure to write and tell them so, because I think they would probably appreciate that. And who knows? Maybe they'll stick together for a while, and I'll get to see them again here in the States...or maybe even one day in London!

And you know what? If I do get to see them again, I'll freakin' kick in the backstage door if I have to! [grin]

Anyhoo...onward and upward!

I'm sorry to report that the Great Backyard Bird Count of 2009 was really a bust here at Nutwood. I counted again this afternoon, but the little bit of snow we got on Sunday melted today, and there is mostly bare ground out there. Very little action at the feeders. One bright spot was that our pair of red-shouldered hawks showed up, so I got to count them!

When I was working out today, I was reading Good Housekeeping, and there was a recipe for Harry Connick, Jr's Jambalaya. Harry, honey, if you're cookin', I'm eatin'! (Doesn't everyone love Harry?) It did get me hungry for some New Orleans food, so I'm just going to do a Zatarain's Red Beans and Rice with some sausage tonight, and make some cornbread. I'm thinking I'll try Harry's recipe, though. It calls for a little ham, and I don't think I've seen a Jambalaya recipe that calls for ham. Sounds pretty tasty and easy, and I think I just might have some chicken thighs down there in the freezer. HEY! Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to shout, but I just realized that I've got two big turkey thighs in the freezer that would work perfectly for that, and I know I've got some andouille sausage. I think I'll be making us some Jambalaya this week! Mardi Gras is coming up next week, so it seems like a good time to do some Cajun or Creole food. (Mmm, Shrimp Creole, there's an idea, too!)

Gee, do you think I'm hungry?


  1. STOP IT!!! You're making ME hungry!! That's really sad that you missed the after party, but if you write them, I'm sure they'll put you on the list for the next one... and it'll encourage them to come back again!!

  2. You know I am always up for some down home Na Orleans food.

  3. I have some sausage ... I am going to pick up the Zatarain's tomorrow.

  4. i think Harry sure is handsome. I would be bummed too if i had missed that party after hearing there wasn't one! Enjoy your dinner. XO

  5. Hi Beth,
    Harry Connick Jr. makes Jambalaya?!? What next, Barbara Streisand's Potato Pancakes? Helen Mirren's Bangers & Mash? Hugh Jackman's Kangaroo Surprise?

  6. I guess I'm one of the few who doesn't love some Harry. ;) I'm more of an Owen Wilson girl. I know his nose is totally messed but for me, it's part of the appeal. I seem to be attracted to broken men. Some how I ended up with my husband who never needed anyone to fix him. We're not big into the New Orleans food. Ironic considering, I tend to like spicey food. *shrugs*

  7. Sorry you missed the party! I'd be bummed too. You have succeeded in making me hungry. It all sounds soooo good.

  8. Harry is so sexy!! And his voice...getouttahere!! Definitely write to the band, maybe you can get advance notice of their schedule...maybe you can get tix to a London show! Ok, you'll have to get there, but you'll have tix, dang it!! Kudos to you for staying on the fitness bandwagon!

  9. Harry is a sweetie and seems like such an awesome guy too. I am so sorry to hear the after party was a bust. Yeah, the "4 days before" party sounds a little wierd to me.

    I loved reading your entry about the show - lol, you & Ken hopped right up and started dancing again after the bowling pin effect!!! I can imagine it!!

    Awww...not a good bird count. I haven't even started, now it's probably too late. I see them at the feeders but don't take the time to note what or who they are.

  10. I exist in a perpetual state of trying to catch up on blogs~
    But it looks like for great reason you got behind! I'm with you, anything Harry does, I'm first in line. He's what you call, an unexpected delight~
    I hope you are well,

  11. Two of my fav's, Harry and Jambalaya.
    Son makes a great one, but I like
    the Zaterains, too, and a lot less mess.
    My, you have really had yourself a
    good time. Refreshing to enjoy some-
    thing so much. Glad you got to go.
    Still not posting much, but I will be

  12. Jambalaya! All I can say is YUM!


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