Thursday, February 19, 2009

So much for spring

As Milwaukee Dan #2 would say, "GYYAAAHHHH!"

Freakin' lake effect snow again last night and this morning. Ken took the truck because the roads looked bad enough, and I went out and tried to clear off some of the driveway before my dentist appointment. I was able to get out of the driveway, and back in, with no problems, but it was cold and windy and NOT what I wanted! Waaaah!

Okay, no more whine unless I serve some cheese with it. Tasty, tasty cheese.

One of my new Facebook friends is Tony, from the Godfathers message board. Today he put up a video from the St. Valentine's show of "I Want Everything," but I couldn't get it to play on Facebook. I sent him a note, and he said it's up on YouTube, too, so I went over there to check it out. Someone has posted several videos from the Chicago show, I've spent the past 20 minutes or so watching them. God, what a great show! What's really funny is that in some of them, you can see me, Ken, and Shane. Sam was right there by us, but I can't see him in the crowd.

We're right in front of the lead singer, right in front of the monitor, and you can see my white shirt and dark hair. Shane is just to my right, and you can tell that we were really diggin' the show! Ken is behind me in the white shirt, and he's a little more subdued. I wonder if I'll eventually see a video that shows when Shane and I got knocked down? I would totally crack up! In some of the videos that are up from late in the show, like "Birth, School, Work, Death," Ken has moved over to our right and is playing bodyguard to keep away the guy who knocked us down. And nope, we didn't get knocked down again.

Bless his heart...when I get caught up in the moment like that, I can be pretty oblivious. He's a good guy for watching out for me!

Here's the video. Can you spot us? What was that Monty Python skit? Spot the Loony. That sounds about right!


  1. I saw you, jumping up and down and shaking your fist. You were having FUN, girl!

  2. Couldn't miss you. You looked like you were enjoying yourself hon! (Hugs)Indigo

  3. So cool to get to see videos with us at the stage :o)

  4. Look at you little rocker girl!!! How very cool - I'm glad you put this up and let us share your fun. You DID have fun!!!!!

  5. I saw you jumping and having a great time. Helen

  6. We are getting the "Lake Effect" for our second day, their is a "No Travel Advisory" posted, 30 mile an hour winds, white outs, drifts, and so far just over 170 inchs of snow so far!!!!!!!

    Can "Spring be far away?????????????

  7. awwwww.

    i saw you rockin out gurllllll...

    it's so fun when you see yourself on you-tube :D


  8. What a hoot! I totally saw you rockin' out, and Ken was like a big poppa bear behind you- he totally had your back!
    I thought about ya'll when I went out too feed Nog this morning in my bathrobe and it was kinda chilly. I thought "If it's this chilly here I'll bet it freezing in Nutwood City Baby!"

  9. That is sooooo cool. I saw you having a great time & Ken just tours above you. He is definitely your protector!

  10. I see you clapping....totally cool!!


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