Sunday, February 22, 2009

Reasons I love "Road House"

Let me count the ways:

1) The guy from "Emergency" is in it (Kevin Tighe, not Randolph Mantooth).
B) The name of the club is the Double Deuce, a really cool name.
3) The Double Deuce is frequented by over-the-top, booze-swillin' rednecks and slutty babes who dance on the tables.
4) Dalton has no other name...just Dalton.
F) He has a degree in Philosophy but works as a cooler.
8) The line "It's my way or the highway."
C) Dalton is kind of a pacifist and fights only when provoked.
E) He gets provoked a lot in this movie.
'Leventy-'leven) The pretty blonde doctor staples his chest, hoping that hers will be stapled to it later.
$) She gets her wish, in a big way.
~) Even though everyone keeps telling Dalton "I thought you'd be bigger."
12) Ben Gazzara plays Brad, the bad guy, who turns out to be not just bad, but psychotic.
Ö) A grizzled Sam Elliott plays Wade, a legendary cooler, a rough-looking biker dude with a heart of gold.
¿) When Wade first arrives at the club, he calls it the Double Douche.
Æ) The look in Dalton's eyes when...well, what happens to Wade happens.
£) Jeff Healey (R.I.P.)
¶) Dalton doing Tai chi in nothing but a pair of sweat pants.
§) Brad's slutty girlfriend does a striptease. Dalton gets her off the stage and tells Brad, "If you're gonna have a pet, keep it on a leash."
µ) The great fight scene between Dalton and the main henchman. Roundhouse kicks! Five finger death punch!
Ø) The final showdown between Dalton and Brad and his gang. Knives are thrown! Spears are chucked! Polar bears are toppled!
¥) Dalton and the townspeople prevail; Dalton and the doc go skinnydipping.
Ü) And last but not least, Patrick Swayze ass. (Is it real, or body double ass? I think it's real.)


  1. I've never seen it. I'm sure it's some kind of crime. ;) I've never seen a lot of really popular movies. You know the kinds back when they only came on VHS. I know, VHS, scary. ;)~ I can't tell you the amount of times I've heard my husband say 'how could you NEVER have seen that movie?' And then I'm forced to watch them. Sometimes twice. See Ken, I feel your pain. ;))))

  2. i saw a recent pic of Swayze and he looked AWFUL.
    Loved this movie too....hell, i thought Randolph Mantooth was hot. I think he was on "LOVING" in the 80's. XO

  3. He has a degree in Philosophy but works as a cooler.
    Wellll, I've met people who think they have a degree in Philosophy and most of them work as little as possible :-).

    Save the Polar Bears :-0. I never saw the movie but I did read it was his ass. ~Mary

  4. It is a fun movie, sorry I had to miss it :o(

  5. This is a underrated movie to me. I loved it!

  6. mary's got a point. all the philosophy majors i have known worked really not working and smoking felony amounts of weed.



  7. I liked this movie too. I have loved Patrick Swayze ever since the movie, "Dirty Dancing" came out. I must have seen that movie thousands of times. I know most of the lines by heart! I also love Sam Elliott...I cried when he was killed in this movie.

    Your welcome about the previous entry! I feel the same way you do!


  8. I think I am going to have to get this one from Netflix and check it out. I want to get that Time issue of Time that you talked about in your last entry I would really find that article interesting. Linda

  9. The super tight jeans make the ass. However I don't think they were tight enough to count the change in his pockets unlike one of Alaina's suitors *winks*. There is a difference. (Hugs)Indigo

  10. This entry was a hoot!


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